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Nate Hastings on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS hasn’t had a whole lot to do since he returned to the canvas, and he now has a new look, so it’s understandable that some fans might be a little confused about who this guy actually is! Nate is the son of Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters, born back in 1995. After a series of child actors, the character was aged to an adult and played by Walter Fauntleroy in 2011 for a brief stint. Nate returned to Genoa City in July of 2018 portrayed by Brooks Darnell. However, as of the April 10, 2019, episode, the role was taken over by Sean Dominic.

Nate was involved with drama right from the moment he was conceived. Olivia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but refused to abort her baby to save her own life, and in 1992, Nate Jr. was delivered early but healthy. However, after Nathan cheated on her with a woman who could have exposed them all to HIV, she threw him out of the house. They all tested negative, but Nate was so desperate to see his boy that he kidnapped Nate! After several weeks on the run, Nathan returned his son to Olivia, but was killed in a hit-and-run shortly thereafter.

As Nate grew up, he grew very fond of his new father, Malcolm Winters, and was upset when Olivia broke things off with him and turned to his brother, Neil. Malcolm was further upset when Olivia changed her will so Neil Winters would raise Nate if anything happened to her. After Malcolm was presumed dead, Nate finally grew closer to Neil, but since he was drowning his sorrows over his brother in alcohol, Olivia tried to keep her son away from him as well.

The Young and The Restless Nate at Cane's Funeral

Nate was there to support his cousin, Lily, when Cane was presumed dead in 2011. (Photo Credit: sean smith/

Nate eventually went off to boarding school and in 2008, Olivia mentioned he was now in medical school. Then, in 2011, Nate resurfaced in Genoa City as Ronan Malloy’s specialist, treating his liver ailment. He reconnected with his family, including Neil, Malcolm, and his cousins, Lily and Devon, but that was the extent of it.

In July of 2018, Nate made a surprise appearance in Genoa City at Neil’s request to secretly treat Victor Newman. He was living in Neil’s penthouse where Hilary Curtis took an instant dislike to the doctor, accusing him of not being able to get a woman. Neil explained to her that Nate had been about to propose to the love of his life, Carolyn, when she died. When a pregnant Hilary was seriously injured in a car accident, Nate tried to save them both, but unfortunately the baby died, and Hilary’s injuries proved fatal.

The Young and The Restless Nate Nikki

Nate has had no end of patients to save at the hospital. (Photo Credit: Jill Johnson/

Nate took over Nikki’s care for her MS, and when she was hit by a car and nearly died, helped get her out of the hospital and to a safe place where she could recuperate. Nate was also there to help support Devon when he threatened to spiral out of control following Hilary’s death. The doctor was also called upon to help save Lola Rosales’ life when she was assaulted and required a liver transplant. And when Victor was suffering from a potentially-fatal blood disease, Nate worked to find a way to help him find a cure and navigate the dangerous side effects. The handsome physician’s social life finally took a turn for the better when his friendship with Abby Newman turned into a full-blown romance. 

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