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Are Carly’s Days Numbered?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Heather sets her plan for murder in motion!

Forget Campbell Soup and Hershey’s Kisses. If GENERAL HOSPITAL is looking for a product placement that’d blend seamlessly into storyline, Ginsu knives would be a good way to go. Not since Psycho has a kitchen utensil gotten such a great close-up! Let’s back up a little and get you caught up on the no-good Heather is up to with that nasty ol’ knife of hers!

What seemed like everyone in Port Charles was running around in a tizzy when they couldn’t find Carly. Michael physically grabbed Franco by the collar and tossed him into a wall, screaming his ear off. “What have you done with my mother?!” Franco attempted to convince him that just because he kidnapped and held Carly hostage once didn’t mean that he’d do it again because, ya know, he’s a changed man and all (cough). Franco hoped that Kiki believed him and she did. It was her other parent, Ava, that she wondered about.

Michael broke the news of Carly’s disappearance and her dalliance with Franco to Sonny and Morgan. For the first time since Morgan aged from tween to sexpot, the two brothers had a civil conversation and, dare we say, even bonded. Morgan thought back to Julian’s threat that he’d hurt someone close to him and his testosterone started to boil. Next thing Julian knew, Morgan had him by the collar and thrown up against a wall. Oh, those Corinthos boys. They’ve got Daddy’s temper, now don’t they?

Michael, Morgan and even Kiki were wrong. Heather was the culprit, and she had a master plan. She had Carly bound and tossed on the floor of the Quartermaine boathouse. In front of her was a pad. “Sign it or die,” Heather told her, pointing a gun at her head. Incognito in a wig, hat and dark glasses, Heather later took said letter and planted it in Franco’s hotel room, talking to herself in the process. “You drove me to this,” she mumbled, remembering that he tried to kill her. Heather then returned to Carly at the boathouse, said, “Onto the next thing”… and pulled out a humungous knife. Actually, it was thee humungous knife Franco thought he killed her with!

Cutlery was Heather’s weapon of choice, but words were Morgan’s. He had to put on a show for Sonny when he walked in on his son in a close moment with Ava. To make it appear that he dumped her, Morgan tore her to shreds. “I was telling this bleach blond nympho to stay the hell away from me,” Morgan spewed. Ava stood there stunned as he laid into her. Finally, he opened the door and slammed it behind her. Ava wasn’t sure what to make of it. That was an act, right?

Next week, Patrick has hard questions for Sabrina, new evidence surfaces about Silas’ mysterious past and a terrifying clue about Carly’s fate is found! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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