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“Can You Accept A Gay Son?”

It’s amazing that one tiny three-letter word could evoke so much fear, loathing and awkward rambling in a macho brute like it did in GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Julian Jerome. Sure, that word was “gay” and, yes, it was coming out of his son Lucas’ mouth, but you would’ve thought Lucas had announced he was a murderer or something. Kind of like his dear old DNA Dad himself. Julian had two choices –accept his son’s lifestyle or not. But judging by his “er… uh… em” response, it looked like he was leaning towards Option B.

The whole father/son thing wasn’t much better for Franco and Scotty. Having escaped jail with Kiki’s help, Franco had nowhere to turn for help except to Scotty. Dressed like a room service waiter, Franco pushed his way into Scotty’s Metro Court room and asked him to get into Heather’s Miscavige room and find out what she did with Carly. They bantered and bickered and talked over each like the women of THE VIEW until they came to an agreement.

Meanwhile in the Spoon Island catacombs, Heather was left shaken by a cave-in that pinned Carly beneath a beam and, for all intents and purposes, “killed” her! “You can’t be dead, not like this!” Heather said. “You have to die of stab wounds. It means I have to save you to kill you the right way.” Oddly enough, that made sense. Heather gave her CPR and screamed “breath!” in her face. Low and behold, Carly gasped for air. Unfortunately for her, Heather found that monstrous knife under the rumble and was prepared to make good on her threat!

Ava showed up at the PCPD to check on Kiki, who had been arrested for her part in helping Franco escape police custody. Within five minutes, Ava’s attention shifted to her break up with Morgan, which irritated Kiki to no end. “You are sitting here crying to your incarcerated daughter about how your boyfriend — who’s your daughter’s ex-husband — was forced to break up with you by his Daddy.” When Kiki put it that way, it did sound sort of silly. The good news is that Ava finally got her daughter to chill and agree to let Mommy Dearest get a her lawyer, namely Diane Miller. But Ava was going to need Diane more than Kiki did because A.J. finally remembered who got off the elevator the night Connie was murdered… Ava!

Next week, Carly’s rescue attempt goes really bad, really quickly, Ava decides to “switch sides,” and Valentine’s Day means taking more than one relationship to the next level! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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