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Dimitri Marick — Everything You Need to Know

Seeing the name D. Marick on an envelope on GENERAL HOSPITAL had some fans wondering if it could be Dimitri Marick himself! However, it’s totally understandable if many don’t even know who that is, as the character originated on ABC sister soap ALL MY CHILDREN. Introduced in 1991, Dimitri was portrayed by actor Michael Nader until his exit in 2001 when the role was briefly recast with Anthony Addabbo, who only aired for a few months before the character was written off the canvas. In 2013, however, Nader returned to reprise his role during the short-lived online revival of AMC.

Dimitri Marick arrived in Pine Valley in 1991, rescuing Natalie Marlowe from a well on the Wildwind estate where she’d been trapped by her twin sister, Janet Green. Because Natalie resembled his wife, Angelique, Dimitri fell madly in love with her while nursing her back to health. He lied that his wife was dead, but Angelique awoke from her coma and spoiled Dimitri and Natalie’s engagement party. Natalie left him for Trevor Dillon while Dimitri reconciled with his wife. Angelique’s childhood friend, Edmund Grey, returned to town and Dimitri was stunned to learn that they are half-brothers. Battling over the family fortune created a deep animosity between the men and it was a long time before they eventually bonded as brothers.

AMC Erica Dimitri Wedding
Dimitri was one of the many Mr. Kanes.Ann Limongello/ABC via Getty Images

Dimitri was stunned to learn that Anton Lang was his son from a one-night stand with maid Corvina Lang he did not recall. He and Erica Kane had a tempestuous relationship during which they married each other twice. However, during one of their rough patches, he slept with his brother’s wife. And when Maria became pregnant, Skye Chandler doctored the test results to make it appear Dimitri was the baby’s father. Erica was furious and dumped Dimitri, even attempting to steal Maria’s baby! Later, when Maria was presumed dead in a plane crash, Dimitri sought custody of little Maddie, only to find he wasn’t her real father. This led to more animosity between the brothers and Dimitri even tried shooting Edmund dead. Thankfully, the bullets had been switched with blanks and after almost losing his own life, Dimitri decided to turn over a new leaf and make peace with everyone.

When Dimitri began having dizzy spells, he went to Europe for tests and saw top neurologist Alex Devane, who diagnosed him with a rare brain disease. As she developed a cure to save his life, Alex and Dimitri fell in love and when they returned to Pine Valley, they were married. However, Dimitri suffered a brain aneurysm on the flight back and Edmund believed Alex had killed him. Finally, Alex admitted she was hiding Dimitri until she could perfect the cure to save his life. She was ultimately successful, only to have Dimitri drown himself!

Then it was revealed that Dimitri had actually been kidnapped by a secret group for investigating Alex’s past. He finally managed to escape and returned to Pine Valley where he accepted treatment from David only if the doctor told everyone he was dead. However, Alex found out her husband was still alive and they were reunited. Unfortunately, Edmund had also fallen for Alex and while he accepted that she was still married to his brother, that didn’t change his feelings for her. Ultimately, Alex left town with Dimitri under the pretense that they wanted a honeymoon, though he had actually received a mysterious phone call.

GH D Marick envelope
It appeared Dimitri was contacting Peter.ABC

Many years later, Dimitri returned to Pine Valley to accept a position at Chandler Enterprises and he informed Brooke English that he and Alex were no longer together. He attempted to spark a romance with her, but Brooke insisted she was still in love with Adam. In 2019, Dimitri was mentioned in Port Charles when Robert Scorpio told Anna Devane he had been in touch with Alex’s ex-husband who had turned over some records about her. Then, in February 2021, someone was seen placing documents and a USB stick into an envelope addressed to Peter August in Port Charles from a D. Marick in Budapest, Hungary.

Stay tuned to see what’s really going on!

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