Franco: That’s My Mama?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s wackadoodle sandwich lover, Heather Webber, sure knows how to suck the life out of a party!

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Gussied up guests at Franco’s comeback art show were mingling and downing champagne, oblivious to the gigantic lie he was perpetrating. He wasn’t the creator of the so-called works of art; Heather was. And when they failed to see the meaning of each painting, she had what can only be described as a hissy fit! “You call yourselves art lovers, yet you fail to see that this painting immortalizes the bacon, lettuce and tomato?” she barked. She then proceeded to, explain the other works of “art.” Peanut butter and jelly. Meatball sub. The reuben. “All hung wrong!” she snapped, repositioning them horizontally. Judging by the “whatchu talkin’ ’bout out, Willis?” look on Franco’s face, that was startling enough. But Heather wasn’t done just yet.

Scotty was out to prove that he, as Port Charles’ new D.A. (by default), was going to clean up the town, starting with making sure Heather went back to her rubber room and Franco was prosecuted as a fraud. Heather insisted that she be punished but that Franco go free. Why? ” You’re my son. Come to mama!” she smiled widely, with outstretched arms. Hearing that Heather and Scotty Baldwin were his parents rendered Franco speechless. The artistic has-been was more than a little worried that he got mommy dearest’s “crazy gene.” Heather’s words, ” you’re just like me” rang loud, clear and repeatedly in his head. Although Carly had been giving him the cold shoulder, she could see how upset he was by the revelation and followed him to his Metro Court room to offer him a comforting soft shoulder to lean on. But how “comforting” will she be? He can only hope that his day ends better than it began!

Sonny, meanwhile, was having a crisis of his own, and it was a beaut! “My son. My own flesh and blood,” he said looking heavenward, realizing that Morgan betrayed him by bugging his office for the Jerome family. Sonny was angry at Julian before, but after learning that Julian recruited Morgan to his side, he was beside himself. “It’s got to end tonight!” he asserted.

The week of November is going to be a whopper! Sonny makes an effort of give Julian a piece of his mind, but there’s yet another surprise revelation that rattles a few souls. Plus, will Carly’s new understanding of Franco have her hopping into his bed? And the courtroom battle for Baby Connie begins! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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