Freaky Friday on GENERAL HOSPITAL!

If you didn’t yet watch Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL, drop whatever you are doing and do it right now. And whatever you do, don’t read this commentary until after you do, because it’s going to blow some major turning points for you. Then again, trust us when we say that even if you read every word, you’ll still want to see it for yourself!

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Cassadine Island — or The Island of Lost Souls, as Luke dubbed it — was the place to be. More specifically, Faison’s bedchamber, where Obrecht — with “the girls” on full display — made a lusty play for the object of her obsession. Proving yet again that he’s not your typical dude, Faison was far more interested in playing with the baby than showing Obrecht a good time. He did eventually agree to slip between the sheets with her, but on one condition… that Obrecht don the Anna mask! In essence, a ticked Dr. O replied, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!” She gave him a good slap and stormed off, suggesting that if Faison got lonely, he could always “don the mask and behold your reflection. That should bring you hours of pleasure!” Oh, snap!

Meanwhile, Nik and Britt arrived on the island. (“Hall of mirrors on the left,” he said, “torture chambers on the right!”) After finding out from a guard that Jerry was on the island, Nik took control of the situation. Now, here’s hoping his first action was to fire said guard, who apparently just took Jerry at his word when he strolled in way back when and said, “Oh, yeah, um, Prince Nik totally said I could crash here.” Anyhoo, Nik went off in search of his unwanted houseguests. Left to her own devices, Britt was reunited with her mom. While Obrecht wanted to cry on her daughter’s shoulder about what Faison had put her through, all Britt wanted was to reunite with her son. So imagine her horror when she got upstairs — after shoving our beloved Dr. O so hard she fell and hit her head — to find Ben being rocked by his grandpappy!

Down in the lab, Robin told Jerry that his best shot at recovery was to find Luke (who was currently jetting back to PC) and synthesize a cure from his blood. “How much of his blood would I need?” Jerry pondered before adding, “Never mind. I’ll take it all!” When Robin wanted to talk about her loved ones, Jerry snapped, “It’s not all about you!” and said they’d be leaving soon. Of course, he issued the standard, pre-travel warning that if she screwed with him, he’d kill her and everyone she loved.

At that exact moment, her true love — having been convinced by Liz that the call from Robin had been wishful thinking on his part — was proposing to Sabrina! But before Sabrina — who’d had a fiery confrontation with Carlos that left us thinking maybe the lady doth protest too much when claiming to be over him — could even accept by saying, “What took you so dang long?” we cut back to Cassadine Island where…

… wait for it…

… wait for it…

… Nikolas found Robin! Not almost found or might have found, but really, honest-to-goodness found Robin!

So did you cackle as loudly as we did at Faison’s indecent proposal? And did Tracy’s sadness at Luke’s borderline indifference make you wanna weep? Sound off in the comments below, and then remember to tune in Monday at 2 p.m. EST for the next episode, which we will, as usual, be live-tweeting on @soapsindepthabc!

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