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What Happened to Brook Lynn on GENERAL HOSPITAL


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Brook Lynn Ashton on GENERAL HOSPITAL has had a few different faces but the same history. However, for newer viewers who might not remember that history, we’re here to fill you in with some highlights!

Who plays Brook Lynn?

Brook Lynn was originally played by Brooke Radding when the character was first introduced back in October 1996. After being written out in 2001 she returned in 2004 played by Adrianne León. After leaving in 2006, León returned in 2010 for another stint that lasted until 2011. In November of 2019, Amanda Setton (Kimberly, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) became the third actress to play the role, though in August 2020, she went on maternity leave and the role was temporarily recast with Briana Lane. By November, the character had left Port Charles again, but Setton was back in the role by March 2021 and continues to play her to this day!

Who are Brook Lynn’s parents?

Brook Lynn is the daughter of Ned Ashton Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo. Following her parents’ divorce, she was raised by her mother until moving to live with her father as a teenager. She befriended Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine, but resisted their suggestions that she pursue her singing professionally as it was what her mother had always pressured her to do. 

General Hospital Dante Brook Lynn
Brook Lynn knew this was the only way she was going to get Dante away from Lulu!Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Things got worse with her mother when Lois got involved with criminal Lorenzo Alcazar, so Brook gave her a taste of her own medicine by cozying up to Diego Alcazar. However, despite her running away to Mexico with him and trying to help him find out if Sonny Corinthos was responsible for his father’s death, Brook was left out in the cold when Diego turned to Maxie Jones. Worse, she wound up as Maxie’s roommate at Port Charles University. When Brook was drugged at a party and nude photos of her were later circulated she realized that Diego was the stalker behind it. He wanted revenge because he blamed Brook and the other teens for Sage Alcazar’s death at the Quartermaine mansion.

Brook Lynn and Dante

Brook decided to leave Port Charles to finally pursue a music career, but returned a few years later after she was cut off from her trust fund. She earned a little extra money from Carly, who hired her to seduce Dante Falconeri away from Lulu Spencer. But after finding Dante truly loved Lulu, Brook had to resort to drugging him so they could be found in a compromising position. But when Lulu saw that he had been drugged, Brook tried to throw Carly under the bus, but Carly turned the blame right back around on her!

General Hospital Liz Nikolas Brook Lynn
Nikolas didn’t look like he minded being fought over by Liz and Brook!Howard Wise/

Still not wanting to turn to the Quartermaines for help, Brook found work with Nikolas Cassadine, being his companion for business functions and various events. But as they began to develop real feelings for each other, Elizabeth Webber tried to get her claws into him herself. Although Nikolas chose Brook, he later urged her to pursue the offer she had to go on tour with a band and the two parted as friends.

Why did Brook Lynn return?

Brook Lynn showed up in Port Charles again in November of 2019 when she drowned her sorrows in Charlie’s Pub and struck up a conversation with Julian Jerome. It turned out she was hoping to use some of the Quartermaine influence to get rid of her former manager, Linc, who was pressuring her into finishing out her contract. Ned refused to bail out his daughter, so she decided to sell her shares of ELQ to Valentin Cassadine in exchange for him getting Linc off her back.

GH Brook Lynn Ned Lulu
The minute Brook Lynn and Lulu saw each other, it was like old times again!XJJohnson/

Ned offered his daughter a job at ELQ, but Brook Lynn accidentally exposed a secret deal in a social media post and was fired. She lashed out at Lulu for posting the story about her mistake and the longtime rivals had a vicious catfight that got Brook arrested. Later, they tried to make peace and Brook asked Lulu if she could borrow her boyfriend, Dustin Phillips — who she’d known back in the day — so they could collaborate on a new song.

Why couldn’t Brook Lynn sing?

When it was revealed that Brook Lynn had sold her shares to Valentin, Ned was so furious with his daughter that he threw her out of the mansion. She was planning to perform a new theme for Deception at the 2020 Nurses Ball, but when she stumbled upon Nelle Benson plotting Wiley’s kidnapping, Brooke Lynn tried to call the cops and Nelle attacked her, slitting her throat with a pair of scissors! Thankfully, she survived, but still refused to accept her father’s apologies and crashed on Harrison Chase‘s couch instead of going home to the mansion.

GH Brook Lynn Valentin
Brook Lynn left town keeping a big secret from Valentin!ABC

Tasked by Lucy Coe with performing a new song to promote Deception, Brook Lynn asked Amy Driscoll to provide the voice as she was still unable to sing after her throat injury. Unfortunately, during a “live” performance for a potential investor, Brook Lynn and Amy’s deception was exposed and she got fired! After learning that Ned had cheated on Olivia with Alexis, Brook Lynn was disgusted, and every attempt to get the father and daughter to reconcile failed. One night, Brook Lynn sought comfort in Valentin’s bed, and when she decided she needed to go back to Bensonhurst to get some perspective on things, she had a pregnancy test in her bag!

Was Brook Lynn pregnant?

When Brook Lynn returned to Port Charles in March 2021, she was sporting a massive baby bump and wasted no time informing Valentin that he was going to be a daddy. She also used the unborn child as leverage to pressure Valentin into giving the shares of ELQ he’d snatched up back to the Quartermaines. The only problem was, Brook Lynn wasn’t actually pregnant! Realizing she was going to have to produce a baby so Valentin would keep his side of the bargain, she partnered with Maxie, who actually was expecting a child. Maxie was willing to go along with the crazy baby switch plan so she could protect her daughter from her dangerous father, Peter August. But Valentin moved himself, daughter Charlotte, and bodyguard Yuri into the Quartermaine mansion to keep a close eye on Brook Lynn, so it was tough to pull off this crazy scheme!

When Valentin got suspicious, Brook Lynn finally came clean and told him he wasn’t really Bailey’s father. However, before she could tell him the real truth, Chase stepped in and claimed to be the girl’s babydaddy. But having the cop in on the scheme complicated things more when Brook Lynn began falling for him! Even after returning Louise to Maxie, Brook Lynn remained connected to Chase.

GH Brook Lynn Chase
Things heated up between Brook Lynn and Chase but it took a really long time!ABC/Christine Bartolucci

Why did Brook Lynn and Chase break up?

Brook Lynn was annoyed when Linc resurfaced, and furious to learn that he owned all the music she’d written under his contract. Chase declined to help, but when things turned nasty, he slugged the sleazy producer and got suspended from the police force! Brook Lynn took advantage of the opportunity to persuade Chase to pursue a singing career in an attempt to bring Linc down and get her songs back. This brought them even closer than before and Brook Lynn and Chase finally made their relationship official. Unfortunately, Chase broke up with her when he found out that Brook Lynn had been contacted about writing a letter of recommendation to get him reinstated as a police officer but she never did.

Some months later, Chase tried to rekindle things with Brook Lynn, but he was upset when she admitted she’d agreed not to testify against Linc in exchange for the rights to her songs. But at the 2023 Nurses Ball, Blaze and Brook Lynn publicly accused Linc of being a predator on stage. She also spoke up for Chase at his review board hearing and he was reinstated as a police detective. But it was later revealed that Tracy had also interceded to get Chase his job back, and she forced Brook Lynn to go back to work at Deception and steal company secrets for her regarding The Deceptor!

When Brook Lynn was caught, she confessed to her corporate espionage, even telling Chase about Tracy’s involvement in getting him reinstated. She was upset to learn that Tracy was using the evidence she’d gathered to sue Deception and decided to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. When Chase invited her to move in with him, she accepted. After being fired from Deception, Brook Lynn was cheered up when her mother, Lois, arrived to support her. Tracy tried to make amends with Brook Lynn by offering her shares of Deception, but she didn’t want to go back there. However, she later changed her mind and accepted, intending to eventually turn the shares over to Maxie to apologize for stealing the documents.

Brook Lynn Chase proposal
Chase decided to put a ring on it!Christine Bartolucci/Disney

Chase popped the question and Brook Lynn happily accepted and began planning the wedding. However, given the failing health of Chase’s father, Gregory Chase, they decided they needed to move the date up. She was thrilled when Tracy gave her permission to wear Lila’s wedding dress, but when it turned out to be too fragile to alter, agreed to use a portion of it with a new dress. Chase surprised her with a honeymoon trip to Italy, but he had to sell his truck to pay for it. Brook Lynn was about to buy him a new car but Tracy warned her not to make him feel bad by devaluing his sacrifice.

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next!

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