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What Happened to Epiphany on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Epiphany Johnson doesn’t show up too often on GENERAL HOSPITAL, so some viewers might not be aware of the nurse’s history on the soap. Well, let us fill you in, because the character has actually been around for over a decade! Epiphany was introduced in March of 2006 and has always been played by fan-favorite actress Sonya Eddy.

Epiphany first appeared as the new head nurse at GH after Audrey Hardy stepped down. She’s dedicated to her job and a very no-nonsense woman who isn’t shy about voicing her opinions. It was soon revealed that Stan Johnson, a computer expert working for Sonny Corinthos, was her son. She didn’t like the idea of her boy working for the mob, but couldn’t convince him to leave. Tragically, while on the phone with Stan, she heard him die in a mob hit ordered by Jerry Jacks. She later suffered a heart attack after receiving his ashes, and was found in the hospital locker room. Luckily, doctors were able to save her life.

General Hospital Robin Epiphany Patrick
Epiphany was always a big “Scrubs” fan!Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

When Sabrina Santiago got a perfect score on the nursing exam, Epiphany suspected cheating but was persuaded to let her take the exam again. And after Sabrina again aced the test, Epiphany immediately began investigating who framed her. (It was Dr. Britt Westbourne, by the way!) She was also close to Dr. Patrick Drake, and offered him counsel when he believed his wife, Robin Scorpio Drake, had died. She also helped get Patrick and Sabrina together, eventually.

As the head nurse at GH, Epiphany is always a big part of the annual Nurses Ball and usually performs a solo song as well as in the opening group number. She also dated Milo Giambetti after he finally confessed to having a crush on her, proving that opposites attract.

Epiphany took on extra work outside of the hospital in 2015 when she helped Sonny recover from a gunshot wound that left him paralyzed. She refused to let him give up and pushed him to recover, but was upset that once he had, he’d kept his recovery secret from his family to prevent his enemies from learning the truth as well.

General Hospital Nurses Ball 2018
Epiphany loved taking the stage every year at the Nurses Ball!XJJohnson/

When the hospital experienced financial trouble in 2016, the nursing staff was due to take the biggest hit, so Epiphany rallied her nurses and staged a “sick-out” in the hopes of saving their jobs. Thankfully, Dr. Hamilton Finn managed to save the hospital when he donated the money he’d received from selling the patent to a lifesaving drug.

Epiphany will always be around to offer advice or to push someone into doing the right thing, like when she found out that Bobbie Spencer had been diagnosed with type two diabetes and shared her own experience with the disease to help her friend understand the risks and how to deal with it. And in September 2020, Epiphany sang at the annual Nurses Ball while also helping Marcus Taggert fake his death!

Sadly, in October, Epiphany was demoted along with a lot of the other hospital staff when Cyrus Renault took over. Then, during a karaoke night out with Liz and Franco, Epiphany confessed that she and Milo had split up because he was always traveling and they hadn’t seen each other in months. Thankfully, once Cyrus was sent back to prison, Epiphany was reinstated at the job she’s so good at!

GH Dr Willow Epiphany
Epiphany was getting tired of being dismissed by the hospital doctors.ABC

However, after being chewed out by some doctors, Epiphany grew frustrated that she’d been a nurse longer than they’d been practicing medicine and considered advancing her career and returning to school to study and become a doctor herself!

She also started a tentative relationship with Marshall Ashford, helping save his life when he had a medical emergency while on a date. Although, as they continued seeing each other, she felt she should be studying for the MCATs instead of going out! Portia Robinson and TJ Ashford helped Epiphany study, and when the time came to take the test, she was confident as soon as she read the first question.

In early 2023, Marshall reported that Epiphany had passed the exam and was checking out medical schools on the West Coast. He also admitted to hoping she wouldn’t move away permanently. In March, Liz worried when Epiphany couldn’t be reached to submit a letter of recommendation to help her keep her job because she was busy shadowing a resident at Johns Hopkins. And when Liz later tried calling her friend, a state trooper answered and revealed the tragic news that Epiphany had died.

At the memorial service, a woman told Finn and Liz that she was the woman who Epiphany had rescued on the side of the road after a terrible car crash. Liz was touched to hear the story of how Epiphany had saved her life and realized that the fumes at the accident site had aggravated her existing heart condition and caused her death.

Say tuned to see how her passing affects Port Charles.

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