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What Happened to Obrecht on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Originally meant to be a bit role, Dr. Liesl Obrecht has continued to make trouble on GENERAL HOSPITAL for years! The character was introduced in the summer of 2012 with Kathleen Gati playing the devious doc, and as time has gone on, she’s been given a family and even a love interest, but she’s never stopped stirring the pot! And no matter what kind of tight spot Obrecht finds herself in, she always seems able to find a way to wriggle out of it!

Obrecht was first seen as the director of the clinic in Switzerland where Luke Spencer was searching for Anna Devane, who was herself looking for her daughter, Robin Scorpio-Drake. She managed to steer Luke and Anna off the scent, and reported her success back to Duke Lavery, who was thought to be dead! However, it later turned out that it was really super-villain Cesar Faison in a Duke mask. He scolded Obrecht for nearly letting Robin escape, and after Faison was arrested, the doc drugged Robert Scorpio and delivered Robin to the villainous Jerry Jacks.

General Hospital Duke/Faison and Obrecht
“I much prefer your real face, Cesar.”Paul Skipper/

Months later, Obrecht resurfaced to reunite with her daughter, Dr. Britt Westbourne, and help tamper with paternity results in the hopes of helping her win back Dr. Patrick Drake. Obrecht was obsessed with Faison and jealous of his enduring love for Anna. She tried to poison her rival but nearly killed Duke by accident. After Britt gave birth and confessed the truth about her child’s paternity, Obrecht abducted the infant and left him with Robin on Cassadine Island. Disguising herself as Anna, Obrecht got Faison out of prison and brought him to meet his grandson.

When Obrecht was finally brought to justice, she blackmailed Britt into getting her released by threatening to expose how she got pregnant (by stealing Lulu and Dante Falconeri’s fertilized embryo!). With the help of former flame Victor Cassadine, Obrecht was not only set free but made chief of staff at GH! When the truth came out about Britt’s son, Obrecht kidnapped the kid and shot hostage Elizabeth Webber as Ben was rescued.

General Hospital Nathan and Obrecht
“You wouldn’t arrest your mutter, would you?”Howard Wise/

Locked up next to Madeline Reeves, it was revealed that the two women were sisters. And not only that but Obrecht came to realize that Nathan West was the son she gave up to her sibling to raise! She struck a deal to return Lulu and Dante’s last remaining embryo in exchange for her and Britt’s freedom. When Nathan went missing, Obrecht learned Victor was holding him and told him Nathan was his son. But when DNA tests proved that was a lie, Victor was about to shoot Obrecht when Anna burst in on them to arrest him. Obrecht shot Victor dead, believing it better he die with everyone believing he’s Nathan’s father because the truth was so much worse.

Obrecht was happy to learn that Faison was still alive, but after their reunion, helped him flee the country with Britt to avoid being arrested. She was fired from her position as chief of staff and later was one of the prime suspects when patients in the hospital were found murdered. Although thrilled to learn she was going to be a grandmother when Nathan and Maxie announced they were expecting, Obrecht was devastated when the truth came out that Nathan was Faison’s son.

General Hospital Obrecht and Faison
Obrecht never had the best taste in men…Howard Wise/

Faison returned to Port Charles for one final reign of terror, and in a confrontation with his other son, Henrik (calling himself Peter August), fired a shot that killed Nathan! Peter shot Faison dead, and Obrecht mourned the loss of both men. But her grief over losing Nathan caused her to abduct Peter and seek revenge against the man she blamed for bringing Faison back and causing Nathan’s death. However, while she tortured Peter for a while, she ultimately didn’t go through with killing him.

When her prison transport crashed, Obrecht wandered in the woods until she came across Nelle Benson about to give birth. She helped deliver the baby and later realized that the baby Brad and Lucas were raising was really Nelle and Michael’s. Madeline passed away and at her funeral, Obrecht spotted Valentin Cassadine taking DNA from the corpse. She later revealed to Valentin she knew that Sasha was not really Nina’s daughter as they claimed, and used that to blackmail Valentin into convincing Peter to drop the charges against her.

Obrecht knowing the truth about Wiley almost got her killed when Brad pushed her off the Haunted Star, and her leverage against Valentin vanished when Sasha came clean to Nina. But things got even worse when Obrecht found herself framed by Peter for Franco and Andre’s attempted murder! She declared her innocence to everyone but no one believed her this time and Obrecht eventually found herself shipped off to The Hague to stand trial for her crimes!

GH Scott Obrecht
Obrecht fell for Scott, which led to him falling from an airplane!ABC

In September 2020, Obrecht resurfaced when Dr. Kirk reported to her that Dante was ready to go after Peter and Anna and she hoped her innocence would finally be proven! When Dr. Kirk was accidentally killed, Obrecht took over as Dante’s handler and used the mind control trick on him to get him to take care of Peter, though he eventually escaped their control. She crashed Maxie and Peter’s wedding to reveal Peter had framed her and that Anna — not Alex — was his real mother! She was upset when Britt had to go on the run for a little while for protection, but happy when her casual flirtation with Scott Baldwin turned into a full-fledged romance!

Obrecht invited Scott to accompany her to a medical conference in St. Lucia where she believed Peter was hiding out but the whole thing turned out to be a setup and she passed out as their plane began going down! Obrecht awoke in a lavish room and discovered she was being held captive by Victor, who was very much alive and still very much obsessed with her! (Thankfully, he’d made sure Scott was thrown out of the plane with a parachute so as not to upset his love.) Obrecht was then stunned to find out he was in cahoots with Peter, and to learn they’d been holding Drew Cain captive for years!

Obrecht realized Drew had been brainwashed by Peter, which complicated things, but thankfully, Britt and Jason arrived on Cassadine Island to rescue them. Unfortunately, while Drew, Britt, and Obrecht escaped alive, Jason wasn’t as lucky. Liesl was overjoyed to be reunited with Scott, but when he later proposed, she turned him down because she didn’t think he was being genuine. When newcomer Cody Bell began showing an interest in Britt, Obrecht tried paying him to stay away, but he declined. As Britt’s health began to take a turn, Liesl worried about her daughter, but in the end, it wasn’t Huntington’s that killed Britt, but The Hook!

GH Obrecht Britt dead
Obrecht was heartbroken to lose another child.Christine Bartolucci/ABC

After Britt died in her arms following her New Year’s Eve birthday party, Obrecht wanted to take revenge on Esme Prince, believing she was The Hook. Thankfully, Nina stopped her aunt before she did anything drastic. Learning that Willow Tait was Nina’s daughter and suffering from leukemia, Liesl got tested to be a bone marrow donor and hoped to get to know her grand-niece. Liz’s role in Esme’s imprisonment at Wyndemere led Obrecht to blame her for The Hook taking Britt’s life, and she was furious with Scott for defending her in court. 

Liesl was a donor match for Willow, but the transplant was delayed when Victor abducted her from the Nurses Ball and dragged her off to Greenland as part of his plan to “save” the world. He needed her to create a vaccine so that the right people would survive the plague he was planning to unleash. Thankfully, she managed to stall for time so that Victor’s plan could be thwarted and was able to use the antidote to save Valentin’s life. Upon her return to Port Charles, Obrecht informed Scott that while she still loved him, she no longer wanted to be with him.

After doing some traveling, Obrecht returned to Port Charles where Scott again pleaded his case, but she continued to push him away, unable to forgive him for helping Liz.

Stay tuned to GH to find out how Obrecht’s story continues!

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