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GENERAL HOSPITAL Recaps — Franco and Jordan Worked Together

A lot can happen in a day in Port Charles, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our GENERAL HOSPITAL recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

Drew helped Elizabeth talk to her boys about Franco’s innocence, but Cameron wasn’t convinced. Then Drew helped Liz and Franco again… by marrying them at the jailhouse! Drew also told Jordan that last year’s showdown with Harvey proved Franco was incapable of murder. Jordan pressed charges anyway, but only so Franco would plead guilty and smoke out the real killer. He balked when Jordan said he couldn’t share their plan with his new wife, but with the evidence stacked against him, Franco went through with it. Off Jordan’s suggestion, Scott got the judge to send Franco to Ferncliff for a two-week psych evaluation. Horrified, Elizabeth threw her wedding ring at Franco… but Drew knew something was up and pocketed it for her. Still unable to recall her attack, Lulu wanted to be hypnotized again. She also wanted to report on her experience firsthand and told Peter she’d sell the story to someone else if he refused to run it.

Laura and Kevin Reunited!

Ava appeared just in time to stop Ryan from pushing Griffin off the roof. Unaware of what she’d interrupted, Ava apologized to “Kevin” for assuming he believed Franco guilty, and they declared their love. Laura, meanwhile, refused to buy Franco’s innocence but when he bemoaned Kevin’s betrayal, her interest was piqued. So when her ex mentioned the prenup she knew they didn’t actually have, she followed him… to Ferncliff! After Ryan lit into Kevin for setting him up and stormed out, Laura peeked into the room and saw her husband! Unfortunately, Ryan returned, drugged her and threw her in with Kevin! When Laura came to, Ryan forced her to call Lulu with an excuse for missing Franco’s arraignment. He then swore Kevin and Laura would not leave Ferncliff alive!

Sam Nearly Got Caught!

When Jason went to see the head of Dawn of Day in Beechers Corners, Harmony didn’t reveal much. But after they crossed with a cop, it became clear the group had serious pull in the area. At Jason’s questioning, Shiloh insisted he was simply spreading DOD’s good work to Port Charles and invited him to the group’s Valentine’s Day party. After almost getting caught in bed with Jason, Sam continued to advance her plan to get closer to Shiloh — and it seemed to be working well! The guru even invited her to see something in Beechers Corners.

General Hospital Shiloh Sam Kristina

Shiloh’s probably used to being the center of attention! (Photo Credit: ABC)

Shiloh Gathered Intel

Shiloh got nervous when Drew mentioned he had access to his lost memories via a flash drive… and was clearly relieved to learn that his “old pal” had no interest in recovering them. Drew definitely noticed the man’s relief. Later, he and Jason marveled at the guru’s ability to not only avoid answering questions but turn the tables and garner info from those who tried to grill him. Sam, for her part, was impressed with Shiloh’s ability to zero in on people’s vulnerabilities. Based on new info from Spinelli, Jason asked Sam to hold off on the trip… while Shiloh learned of DOD student Margaux’s connection to Drew and the pesky memory drive!

Kristina Got Jealous

Kristina failed miserably at hiding the fact she was jealous of Shiloh’s connection to Sam. And when Valerie reached out hoping to mend fences, Krissy totally turned her off by trying to recruit her. The DOD Ambassador then visited Michael and asked for a loan to further her studies — which her brother was happy to provide.

Maxie and Peter Teamed Up

After announcing her remarriage plans to Peter and Maxie, Nina asked daughter Sasha to be her maid of honor. When Obrecht joined for Valentin’s toast, Maxie and Peter immediately picked up on the tension and began to speculate that Sasha might be a fraud. To get answers, Maxie buddied up to Sasha, asked why she didn’t seem happy about Nina’s engagement… and got a DNA sample! While she and Peter submitted the DNA to a lab with a 24-hour turnaround, Valentin warned Sasha to stay out of the way even as he and Nina set a wedding date. Sasha worried about Griffin, who was drinking and fighting — though he claimed he was just boxing to take his mind off Kiki.

General Hospital Nina Maxie Sasha

Nina’s wedding announcement landed like a bomb. (Photo Credit: ABC)

Meet Dr. Cabot

Anna followed Finn and Robert to the Swedish clinic, where they found Dr. Cabot had been hit by the virus. Though blind, he quickly surmised they were with the WSB and spoke to Anna with a familiarity that gave her pause. He also agreed to dish the operation he’d run with Alex if they helped him recover his eyesight.

Willow Shared a Secret

Willow told Brad that she was Wiley’s mom and that she wanted a relationship with her son… when he got older. After trying to dissuade her, Julian began to wonder who Wiley’s real mother might be. Willow told Chase she’d come to Port Charles to get away from someone. While he assumed she meant her baby daddy, Willow didn’t confirm that. Michael, meanwhile, was annoyed by Nelle’s manipulative Valentine’s Day card. But he told Chase he was moving on and even went on a date — which only made him realize he wanted someone who understood his complicated past.

Alexis Grappled With Her Feelings

After accepting Neil as her new therapist, Alexis told Kim how happy she was for her and Julian. The legal eagle later told her ex that she intended to learn from their past and not make the same mistakes. Naturally, Julian insisted their love had not been a mistake. Neil went on a date… and the woman just happened to be the same one Michael had gone out with.

Carly’s Pregnant!

Carly surprised Sonny with news that they were having a baby. Kim confirmed that the couple was, indeed, expecting, noting the potential risks they could encounter moving forward. Josslyn, Oscar, Cameron and Trina, meanwhile, plotted a short road trip. And Sonny suggested Spencer tell his grandmother the truth about having hacked the election. Spencer decided this was a good idea… but couldn’t find the MIA Laura!

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