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GENERAL HOSPITAL Recaps – Kristina’s Family Investigated!

A lot can happen in a day in Port Charles, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our GENERAL HOSPITAL recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

With Kristina flying high about the life she was building with Dawn Of Day and Shiloh, Sonny wasn’t sure what to make of Jason’s concerns. Sam, meanwhile, told Krissy and Alexis that Shiloh was the son of one of her former marks. In a twist, Kristina revealed she’d known about the scam… just not Sam’s part in it. She then suggested that Jason and Sam should check out a few Dawn Of Day seminars for themselves. Sam was a bit thrown by some of Shiloh’s techniques, but like Sonny, Alexis could see it was working for Kristina and remained on the fence. Later, the life coach managed to say just the right thing to lighten Alexis’ concerns. Jason, meanwhile, teamed up with Drew to learn more about the guru.

Ryan Eyed New Victims

Kevin-imposter Ryan suggested that he and Ava should move to another country to get a fresh start away from Port Charles. She wouldn’t leave without Avery and knew she wouldn’t be allowed to take the tot as long as Sonny and Carly were on this planet. Still, she asked Avery’s dad for permission. When Sonny refused, Ryan moved Carly and her husband to the top of his hit list. Mike, meanwhile, freaked out when he couldn’t find a watch. In his confusion, the befuddled man punched Sonny! With mike’s deteriorating condition making him belligerent, Carly suggested he was beyond their care. When Sonny wouldn’t listen, she made an appointment for them to seek counseling… with “Kevin.” Ryan suggested Morgan was part of Sonny’s holdup and sent the couple to go talk to their son at his grave — where the psycho intended to take them out!

Ryan Attacked Lulu!

After Ryan pushed Laura for a quickie divorce, she became Mayor Webber. With a killer who liked to leave his victims at splashy events on the loose, Jordan asked Maxie to delay Lucy’s book signing. That didn’t happen, but the event went off without a hitch. After Mac begged Peter to keep Maxie safe, the editor killed Lulu’s story about the possible connection between the current killer and Ryan Chamberlain. Then the ace reporter realized that the list of Ryan’s kills that “Kevin” had provided her had too many names on it. Delaying his plans for Sonny and Carly, Ryan showed up at Lulu’s office… and revealed the extra names were unsolved murders. Lulu slowly realized she was with the killer and, after gloating, Ryan attacked her! Before he could finish the job, however, he was hit by a crippling headache and collapsed. Lulu made a run for it, dropped at her mother’s feet and was rushed to GH for surgery. Carly arrived soon after with Ryan, who’d been struck blind. While Dante was called and the rest of Lulu’s family rushed to her side, a frightened Ava sat with Ryan, clutching his belongings… which unbeknownst to her included a bloody shoe!

General Hospital Ryan Lulu

After cleaning the knife, Ryan really should deal with that stain on the carpet! (Photo Credit: ABC)

A Virus Spread

Thanks to Griffin and Finn, Anna’s sight was restored and she tracked her mysterious virus to Dr. Cabot, a DVX researcher the WSB had been monitoring 15 years ago. With the virus dormant in Anna’s system for some time, they weren’t sure what had triggered it… or how “Kevin” had come into contact with it! Finn was able to reverse Ryan’s blindness and, with Lulu out of surgery, the killer only had one thing on his mind. Though Ryan was almost caught trying to get her driver’s license, it was Peter who was taken to the PCPD for questioning.

Willow Tried to Move On

With reminders of Wiley all around her, Willow found godfather Michael the most unsettling. After getting the cold shoulder from Willow, Michael saw her with Chase and assumed she was just interested in someone else. Willow was, in fact, bonding with Chase and even told him about giving away her baby. Then she went to Charlie’s… where she was touched to see Michael holding Wiley. Lucas, on the other hand, was not touched when he showed up to see Brad and Wiley hanging out with Julian.

Cameron Took a Stand

While making cookies with Aiden, Franco realized how comfortable and happy the kid was in the kitchen. He urged Aiden to be open about what he enjoys doing, and Elizabeth bought him a new cookbook. Then Cameron — who was doing community service work after going to court for having bought drugs — realized Aiden was still being bullied, so he secretly teamed up with Jake to protect their little brother.

General Hospital Jake Aiden Franco

“Jake, call the Food Network! We’ve got a future CUPCAKE WARS winner here!” (Photo Credit: ABC)

Is Oscar’s Time Running Out?

Once Oscar was informed he only had a matter of months to live, he and Josslyn decided to make the most of their time. They kicked things off with a tour of Port Charles and, when they found the catacombs sealed, Joss tried to find a back way in. While they were adventuring, Oscar had a frightening seizure, but it passed. The real trouble came when Josslyn fell on her way out! The adults, meanwhile, figured out where the kids were and rushed to the scene. Drew rescued Joss and Oscar, but Jason fell into a dark, wet cavern. Sam slid into a wet suit and set out to save his life.

Gail Left Behind a Mystery

After telling Julian how much Kim needed him, Alexis read Gail’s will to Laura, Monica and Scott. It left a huge endowment to GH’s mental health wing… with a caveat indicating that in the near future, they would be given a series of tasks to complete. Of course, Scott just wanted to know why all that money was going to charity!

Valentin Proposed

Obrecht warned Nina that Sasha would be a disappointment… but stopped short of revealing Valentin’s secret. After threatening Obrecht, Valentin learned Nina and Sasha were going to Paris. Fearful the truth might come out, he tried to convince her to stay with him instead and asked her to marry him again. As much as she loved living with Val, Nina wasn’t ready for that yet. Willow, meanwhile, told Nina and Lulu that Charlotte might be cheating — and naturally, the women had different opinions on how to handle the situation!

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