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GENERAL HOSPITAL Recaps — Laura Decided to Run for Mayor Again

A lot can happen in a day in Port Charles, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our GENERAL HOSPITAL recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

Worried her husband was out of sorts because of the 25th anniversary of his brother’s reign of terror, Laura snuck into his office to surprise him… only to find a list of the women Ryan had victimized. Of course she was caught, but Kevin’s imposter played it off and then distracted her by suggesting she run for mayor as a write-in candidate. Alexis, who feared there was too much cynicism in politics, energetically endorsed Laura’s campaign against Ned. So did Carly, who’d been having nightmares about Ferncliff and felt her ordeal there had been caused in part by Ned’s failure to reform the facility.

Laura and Carly Teamed up

Having decided that she would, in fact, run for mayor — a position once held by her ex-husband, Luke — Laura arranged to check out the conditions at Ferncliff with Carly by her side. When they crossed paths with Mary Pat, the ousted nurse raged at Carly for drugging her and getting her fired. Before storming off, she also made a cryptic comment about Kevin trying to save the devil. When Carly mentioned how horrible the wing she’d been kept in was, Laura insisted they visit that area… and that’s when Kevin heard her voice! Unfortunately, Laura left without realizing her husband was locked up. Lulu, meanwhile, checked in on “Kevin” and sent Ryan into a panic by revealing her mother was at Ferncliff. He rushed to check out the scene and ran into Mary Pat, who he then followed to The Floating Rib. Believing Ryan to be his twin brother, Mary Pat lit into him.

General Hospital Ryan Ava

Ryan recognized a scheming-induced headache when he saw one! (Photo Credit: ABC)

Ryan Was Disappointed

Inspired to affect change, Laura threw a Halloween fundraiser for mental health at The Floating Rib. Ryan was all too happy to support her… but only because Felicia was hosting. He was horrified, however, to realize the once-adventurous Aztec princess of his dreams had become a mundane grandma! Felicia took “Kevin” to task for taking on Ava as a patient. By the time she’d listed Ava’s sins, Ryan was seeing things differently. As he helped Laura prepare for the party, he promised no one would be disappointed by the evening.

Oscar Prepared to Sue

After clashing with Kristina over her job search, Alexis dove into her own daddy issues during therapy with “Kevin.” After recalling how her father had forced her to give up Sam as a baby, she decided to take Oscar’s case. Upon learn- ing their son was suing for emancipation, Kim begged Jason, Sam and Julian to talk to Alexis, while Drew hired Diane. Though Alexis warned Oscar the suit might destroy his relationship with his parents, no one could convince the lawyer he didn’t have a right to choose his own fate. Intent on proving he could survive on his own, Oscar landed a job at Julian’s. Daisy offered the teen a spot in a co-op living arrangement with a bunch of her friends. Julian, meanwhile, was thrilled to hang with Leo and touched when Olivia conceded he’d become a better man — thanks to Kim.

General Hospital Oscar Cameron

“Who’s got opposable thumbs and is really into Josslyn? This guy right here!” (Photo Credit: ABC)

Elizabeth’s Kids Flailed

When Oscar gave him crap about (faux) dating Josslyn, Cameron countered that if he wanted her back, he should stop lying and let her in. Caught in the middle, Cam promised his mother he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Oscar… then admitted that he loved the teen queen. With Aiden still afraid of school, Franco thought doing an art project together on career day might help the child feel more comfortable among his classmates. But Elizabeth feared her son’s issues required more than a quick fix. On Halloween, however, Aiden dressed up as a ninja and had a blast at Franco’s kids’ party at the hospital.

Ava’s New Weapon!

Nina introduced Sasha to her half-sister Kiki and, to Ava’s delight, the beauty couldn’t stop eying Griffin. So after Kiki offered her newfound kin a place to stay, Ava downplayed her daughter’s relationship with Griffin — and Sasha was definitely interested in the hunk! Though the newcomer turned down job offers from both Nina and Valentin, she agreed to stick around and eventually moved into Kiki’s spare room. She also accepted an invite to dinner with her mom and Valentin at Wyndemere. Sasha left earlier to meet Kiki at the Floating Rib, while Nina was trapped on the island overnight by a storm. Held up at GH, Kiki sent her beau ahead of her and was a bit twigged when she arrived to catch him and Sasha in an innocent but close moment — which gave Ava special joy.

General Hospital Sam Spinelli

“I hope my bow fits through the doorway!” (Photo Credit: ABC)

Spinelli Hit Pay Dirt

Spinelli popped into town and revealed Margaux’s mother, Jeannette, was trying to get Marino’s life insurance paid out now that his body had been found. So “insurance adjusters” Sam and Spinelli visited Jeannette, who was living quite well for a widow with no income! The widow claimed she’d stopped paying her husband’s insurance premiums because she’d assumed him dead, but hadn’t pursued the pay out because she didn’t want to anger the Mob… or break young Margaux’ heart. While Spinelli distracted her, however, Sam did some digging and found a stack of love letters from Scully to Jeannette — including one in which Margaux’ mother told the Mob boss the only way for them to be together was if her husband was gone! This gave Sonny an idea as to how he could deal with Margaux…

In Other News…

Sam clearly wanted to stay the night with Jason, Danny and Jake… but didn’t. Anna and Finn offered Britt her freedom in exchange for luring Obrecht back from Cuba. Britt agreed, but also demanded perks like meeting her brother, Peter — who happened to be spending a lot of time with Maxie. Michael and Willow attended the same support group for parents who’d lost children. Jordan told Curtis his auntie’s ex, Marcus, was unfortunately married with children. Jordan promised Stella they’d keep a place for her at their wed- ding in hopes she’d decide to come. Kristina was crushed to learn that Parker was doing fine without her.

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