GENERAL HOSPITAL Recaps — Jason and Patient Six Came Face to Face!

A lot can happen in a day on GENERAL HOSPITAL so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

With Sam and Carly planning a launch party for newly renamed Aurora Media, their husbands wondered who’d tapped their phones. Patient Six, meanwhile, set off the safe house alarm so Sonny would come, and after an initial showdown, lowered his gun. He begged Sonny to believe that he was “the real” Jason, arguing that they were family — which is why he’d never have left the business the way this obvious imposter had! Sonny was convinced… but since the other Jason had taken a bullet for him, he wanted to take this slowly.

Patient Six Crashes the Party

Thanks to Franco’s sketches, Ava realized that Patient Six was Jason. She and Griffin rushed to the Aurora gala to tell Sonny… only to spy Russian thugs among the waitstaff! While Ava warned Dante, Jason caught on and a gunfight ensued. By the time Carly called Sonny to the Metro Court, there was a police barricade — which didn’t stop him or Patient Six. After Elizabeth was shot, Sonny, Jason, and Dante took down two thugs. When a third gunman grabbed Sam, Patient Six gave chase… but not before Monica and others caught a confusing glimpse of his familiar mug! Patient Six rescued and resuscitated Sam, who passed out at seeing him. As Sonny and Carly began updating Jason, Patient Six arrived carrying Sam, and the twins almost came to blows. With a DNA test pending, Sonny and Carly believed Patient Six was the real deal, while Sam and her husband theorized that the new arrival had been given Jason’s old face at the Russian clinic. When Jason went to get Danny, Patient Six appeared at Sam’s bedside.

Andre’s Involved

Feeling guilty about keeping Andrew’s non-death from Elizabeth, Franco vented to Andre. Jake also met with the doc after seeing someone who looked like his dad. Unfortunately, Andre was in cahoots with Klein! The clinic doc brought Andre a fake death certificate which quelled Franco’s guilt… until he heard about Patient Six. Confronted, Andre revealed that in an (unsuccessful!) effort to save his wife from early onset Alzheimer’s, he’d researched using computers for memory mapping. When the WSB abandoned the project, he’d found another benefactor — one who made him mess with one of the twins through the science that wasn’t ready! Before running, Andre printed out the real Jason’s identity… leaving Franco stunned.

GH Maxie and Nathan - JPI

“Can I borrow your towel?” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Man Landers Just Won’t Die!

Nina agreed to rehire Maxie in exchange for an exposé about being Mrs. Man Landers. Unfortunately, Nathan had quit! Insisting that Amy owed her, Maxie convinced Nathan and his partner to continue the charade. Amy, meanwhile, was upset when her veteran brother — who knew nothing about Man Landers — postponed his return to town.

Valentin Loses Control

Though Anna and Finn’s double date with Felicia and Mac was a success, the doc wanted out of the arrangement. Anna agreed to a faux break-up… but they seemed closer than ever. While Anna and Finn danced for Cassandra, the drug lord forced Valentin back into business with her. He and Nina found the third thug and learned that the gala attack was connected to the clinic. Fearing how “the devil” would respond to his failure, Klein picked up the phone and called… Valentin!

Is Michael Done With Nelle?

When Michael learned Nelle was once in a psych hospital, she easily explained it away. But he later caught her in another lie. Then Carly texted him about their cohabitation — which Nelle had lorded over her! Though Michael still didn’t believe her a murderer, his instincts were telling him to run. Laura accepted Kevin’s marriage proposal. Oscar and Josslyn found a lead about the identity of his father.

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