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What Happened to Sam on General Hospital


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Sam McCall is always getting herself into one dangerous situation after another, and sometimes fans worry Sam is leaving General Hospital! Of course, one look back at this woman’s long history in Port Charles and you’ll realize that she’s a survivor! Kelly Monaco has been playing Sam on GH since 2003, although in the summer of 2020 she was temporarily replaced with Lindsay Hartley. Then Hartley stepped in again for a handful of episodes in January 2022 and returned once more in January 2024. But no matter what trouble Sam finds herself in, she always comes out the other side stronger than ever!

Sam was introduced working with Jasper “Jax” Jacks to find the lucky cards of the “Dead Man’s Hand.” They also had a brief affair, which ended when Jax blamed Sam for his father’s death. She then started sleeping with Sonny Corinthos and became pregnant. Jason Morgan claimed the baby was his to protect Sonny’s family. Sam began to bond with Jason and they planned to raise the baby together and name it Lila after his grandmother. When Sonny’s daughter, Kristina Davis, was suffering from a blood disease, her mother, Alexis Davis, begged Sam to induce labor so her daughter could donate stem cells as she was a match for Kristina. Sam refused, fearing it could hurt the baby, and during an argument, collapsed and went into labor. When her daughter was stillborn, a heartbroken Sam blamed Alexis. Jason and Sam became engaged and planned to adopt the baby of a teenage mother, but she chose to keep her child.

General Hospital Alexis Sam
Alexis and Sam had a rough start to their mother/daughter relationship!Howard Wise/

Jason and Sam were kidnapped by Allegra Montenegro, who wanted Sam to pose as her daughter, Alicia, to marry Andrew Olsen for his money. Sam nearly went to jail when Andrew was murdered, but Alicia was finally arrested for the crime. Sam tried to settle back into her life but was stalked by Manny Ruiz. She was crushed when her brother, Danny, died during an encephalitis outbreak in Port Charles and shocked to then learn she was adopted. Even worse, Alexis turned out to be her biological mother! After Sam was shot by Manny, Jason told Alexis the truth, and the attorney did everything she could to break Sam and Jason up. Upset, Sam got drunk and had a one-night stand with Alexis’ husband, Ric Lansing.

Television producer Amelia Joffe hired Sam as the host of a talk show called EVERYDAY HEROES, but really wanted revenge on Sam for killing her father, Bill Munroe. Sam lied to Jason to keep her past under wraps. After learning Jake was really Jason’s son, Sam said nothing when she saw the boy get kidnapped. After Jake’s rescue, Jason found out she’d been lying to him and they split up. Sam tried to take revenge by seducing Liz’s ex-husband, Lucky Spencer, but once he found out about her part in Jake’s kidnapping, they broke up. After Sam was run down by a drunk Monica Quartermaine, she helped her get a lenient sentence. She also started an PI firm with Damian Spinelli

General Hospital Jason Sam Danny
Sam was relieved to learn Jason was really Danny’s father.Howard Wise/

Sam began to grow close to Jason again and he rescued her when she was kidnapped by the crazed artist, Franco, who was obsessed with Jason. While Jason was protecting Brenda Barrett from The Balkan, Sam was nearly killed in a car bomb meant for Brenda. Sam and Jason got married but on their honeymoon, Franco stalked them and forced Jason to watch as he supposedly raped Sam. When she later found out she was pregnant, a paternity test showed it was Jason’s baby, but Heather Webber revealed Franco and Jason are fraternal twins. Sam was horrified to think Franco fathered her child, and after she gave birth, Todd Manning and Heather swapped the baby with the stillborn son of Téa Delgado. Grieving, Sam pushed Jason away but they reunited to rescue their son from Heather, naming him Daniel.

Jason was shot by Cesar Faison and Sam struggled to accept that he was really dead. When Danny was diagnosed with leukemia, Sam needed a bone marrow donor and asked Alexis about her biological father. It turned out that Derek Wells was a match and his donation saved Danny’s life. It also turned out that Derek was actually Julian Jerome, Sam’s real father! Sam began dating Silas Clay, then moved on to a relationship with Patrick Drake. However, just after they got engaged, Sam learned that the mysterious “Jake Doe” was really Jason back from the dead and a new face. Knowing he couldn’t compete, Patrick set Sam free and she tried to help Jason get his memories back. 

GH Sam Drew Jason - JPI
Sam suddenly had too much of a good thing!XJJohnson/

Once Jason regained his memories, he and Sam were properly reunited and the couple were thrilled when she got pregnant. But after they got married, they also got mixed up with the deadly Olivia Jerome, who was taking revenge on her brother, Julian, by hurting his family. Olivia kidnapped Sam and she was injured trying to escape, giving birth outside in the snow. Jason was there to help welcome their daughter, Emily Scout, into the world, but Sam slipped into a coma shortly after.

Sam recovered, but her world went topsy-turvy again when the real Jason returned to Port Charles, and it was revealed that the former “Jake Doe” was really his twin brother, Drew Cain. Sam committed to Drew and Jason backed off. They got married and became co-owners of Aurora Media. But it was clear Sam’s feelings for Jason hadn’t gone away and after an earthquake, she confessed her love. Drew stepped down to allow Sam to make her decision, and she chose to be single for a while, weighing her options.

After a while, Sam couldn’t resist the pull to reunite with Jason, but things were complicated by the arrival of the Dawn of Day organization in Port Charles. With Kristina having been sucked into the group, Sam worried it was a cult so she and Jason worked to expose its leader, Shiloh, as a criminal. Sam went undercover in DOD and was very nearly drugged and raped by Shiloh, but Jason rescued her. After a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the cult leader, Sam shot Shiloh dead as he threatened to kill Jason. Unfortunately, Shiloh’s minions tried to get her convicted of murder and the judge ended up finding Sam guilty of manslaughter, sentencing her to two years behind bars!

Sam made sure Shiloh went out with a bang!ABC

Thankfully, Sam was able to get out on parole, but she was informed she couldn’t have associations with a known criminal like Jason and her parole officer, Delores, was extremely vigilant! The couple was only able to meet when dealing with their children but were secretly getting together for a while until Jason worried about her being sent back to prison and told her they had to back off. Meanwhile, Sam was busy working with Spinelli to reveal that Peter August was the one who had tried to kill Franco and Andre and was mixed up in Drew and Franco’s kidnapping and mind swap.

Sam agreed to give Valentin Cassadine her children’s ELQ voting shares in exchange for help getting rid of her nosy parole officer so Jason was able to move back in with his family following his motorcycle accident. Sam was upset to learn that her mother was drinking again and tried to stage an intervention for Alexis, but it sadly failed. Then, Jason and Danny were nearly killed when a bomb was set off at the Floating Rib! Upset to learn that her father had planted the explosive, Sam also feared for the safety of her children and asked Jason to keep his distance.

Sam joined forces with Olivia to help prove Alexis had been set up for her drunk driving charge and then helped stop Dante Falconeri from shooting Peter. She also agreed to help Dante protect Maxie from Peter, but when Jason escaped from prison, Sam and Dante found themselves on opposite sides! However, sparks flew between them and Sam and Dante shared a kiss on the Fourth of July!

GH Sam Dante kiss
Sam and Dante enjoyed different kind of fireworks on the Fourth of July!ABC

Sam agreed to help Shawn Butler investigate what really happened to Hayden Barnes, but then she got a phone call from someone sounding like Drew asking for her help! As she probed into Drew’s supposedly fatal plane crash, she suspected the two cases could be connected. Dante and Sam decided to pursue a romance and teamed up to go to Greece and track down Drew. Once he was back in Port Charles safe and sound, Sam was stunned to learn that Jason was presumed dead during the rescue. After consummating her relationship with Dante, Sam helped Drew reconnect with their daughter, Scout. 

Sam worked with Dante and Drew to find out what Victor Cassadine was up to and learned of a mysterious Project Demeter. However, Dante was not happy with Sam when he caught her going through his phone to find information on Trina’s case. Sam also offered to help Spencer prove Esme framed Trina when he shared what he’d discovered so far. When Dante’s old pal, Cody Bell, arrived in Port Charles, she got to know the guy and even helped him find a job. Eventually, Sam and Dante cleared the air between them and decided to move in together.

GH Dante Sam Cody
Sam suspected there was more to Dante’s old friend than met the eye.ABC/Christine Bartolucci

Britt Westbourne hired Sam to look into a necklace she found in her brother’s safe deposit box, and the detective discovered it contained a piece of the Ice Princess and last belonged to Leopold Taub. Sam then accused Cody of getting close to Britt to get his hands on the necklace. When she threatened to dig into Cody’s past, a concerned Dante convinced her not to. Sam and Dante next teamed up to find Esme’s nanny, Maggie Fitzgerald, which they did at a pub in England. They were also stunned when she revealed that Esme’s father was Ryan Chamberlain and quickly relayed the bad news. 

When Cody was arrested for stealing an expensive bracelet during the Nurses Ball, he enlisted Sam’s help to get him out of jail and prove that Gladys Corbin had framed him. When Nina Reeves opened up to her about her problems with Willow and Carly, Sam advised her to ask Carly to help her establish a relationship with Willow. When Kristina shared her plans to build a shelter for LGBTQ teens, Sam expressed her concerns given her sister’s history of not following through on things. But she also supported her sisters and helped them work things out between Molly and Kristina. When Maxie needed a larger place to stay for her and her kids, Sam talked with Dante about renting her his and Lulu’s old house. 

Sam reluctantly agreed to help Cody get himself committed to Ferncliff so he could rescue Sasha Gilmore, who was being held against her will. She then brought Dante into the picture and they were all able to take down Dr. Montague and set Sasha free. When Dante investigated who was after Anna Devane, Sam also helped out on the case, helping bring a rogue WSB director to justice. She also did a little digging to help Finn settle his malpractice case.

GH Jason Sam PCPD
Sam had a lot of trouble with Jason’s return from the “dead.”Christopher Willard/Disney

Sam clashed with Drew when Scout didn’t want to go to the new school he wanted to send her to. She later found herself having problems with Danny when he began acting out and was picked up by the police for drinking in the park. Sam was terrified when Dante was shot in the line of duty, but he pulled through the surgery and eventually came out of his coma. She was hopeful when Dante considered giving up his job, but disappointed when he changed his mind. Sam wasn’t thrilled to learn that Jason was still alive, and that Danny had gotten mixed up in him hiding from the cops upon his return. She tried to forbid Danny from seeing his father, but that only made things worse. And when Jason revealed that he’d been working for the FBI, she enlisted Spinelli’s help to find out what the FBI had on him.

Stay tuned to see how Sam’s life continues!

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