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What Happened to Willow on GENERAL HOSPITAL


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Willow Tait on GENERAL HOSPITAL has only been around for a few years but she’s already had quite a dramatic life in Port Charles with romance, heartbreak, and hidden secrets! If you’d like more information on the beautiful young woman, look no further! Introduced back in October 2018, the character has always been played by actress Katelyn MacMullen.

Willow was introduced as Aiden‘s schoolteacher who had a private meeting with Liz and Franco about the little boy, who had been acting withdrawn and having trouble making friends in school. She was next seen at the end of the month when she ran into Harrison Chase in the hospital parking garage on her way to a bereavement group meeting that was also attended by Michael Corinthos.

General Hospital Willow Chase
Chase pushed Willow to stop running away.Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

It was then revealed that Willow is the biological mother of Wiley, the baby that Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones adopted, and Julian convinced her to back off and not be a part of the child’s life. However, the infant Willow had given birth to had died in his crib and Brad had agreed to swap babies with Nelle Benson, so as Willow grew closer to Wiley and felt a pull towards the little boy, she had no idea it wasn’t actually her son. It then came out that Willow was a former member of the Dawn of Day cult and its leader, Shiloh, was her baby’s father! Her mother, Harmony, tried to get her to come back to the group, but Willow wanted nothing more to do with them.

When Shiloh learned Wiley was his son, he immediately set about stealing the child for himself, but luckily, Willow’s new boyfriend, Harrison Chase, was a cop, and came to her defense. After Shiloh’s reign of terror ended with his death, Willow was surprised when her mother showed up at her doorstep having been released from prison. Harmony insisted she was turning over a new leaf, but Willow had no idea she was now working for villainous drug runner Cyrus Renault!

GH Michael Wiley Willow
These three make quite a picture-perfect family.Valerie Durant/ABC

Willow had grown so attached to Wiley that she was absolutely heartbroken when the truth about the baby switch came out and she learned that the baby she had given birth to had passed away over a year ago. As Michael took over raising Wiley, Willow remained a part of the little boy’s life, and when Nelle got out of prison and wanted her son back, Willow offered to do anything she could to help Michael retain custody. However, when Sasha Gilmore suggested she marry Michael to create a family that would ensure the judge would let him keep Wiley, Willow declined.

But when Sasha and Chase made it appear they were having an affair, Willow and Michael came together and tied the knot in order to defeat Nelle in court. But over time, they grew so close that even after they found out about the lie that brought them together in the first place, there were still feelings there. So even as Willow began to reconnect with Chase, she was still part of Michael’s life (and not just because she moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and into the gatehouse!).

As Michael and Willow were about to make their reunion official, her attempt to break things off with Chase hit a snag when the cop fell seriously ill and was hospitalized! Believing that he was going to die from Peter’s poison, Chase proposed and a guilty Willow accepted. However, after they got hitched, Chase was cured and Willow was stuck. She carried on her affair with Michael in secret, but people started catching on and eventually, Chase caught them in bed together! Willow apologized and confessed the truth and they both agreed to an annulment.

GH Willow Chase
Willow didn’t think she’d be Mrs. Chase for very long.Troy Harvey/ABC

Willow was then free to be with Michael and help him raise Wiley but she grew concerned when he went behind her back to make Nina Reeves pay for keeping Sonny away from his family for months. And when he proposed, she admitted she wasn’t ready to take that step quite yet.

Unfortunately, Willow overheard a conversation between Sonny and Nina and when she was called to testify in Nina’s criminal hearing, revealed that the pair had been in love during their time in Nixon Falls. Then it was Michael’s turn to be mad at Willow for a while!

Things took an unfortunate turn when Willow went looking for her birth certificate so she could get a passport to go on vacation with Michael and couldn’t find it. Harmony acted suspiciously and privately confided to Alexis Davis that there was no birth certificate because Willow’s real mother was a woman named Joan who also lived in the commune. She and Douglas were ordered to raise Willow and he got a forged birth certificate for them. Michael investigated and Willow was stunned to learn there was no record of her birth!

While Willow continued clashing with Nina over visitation with Wiley, she was further heartbroken when her mother was hit by Sasha’s car and lay near death! Worse still, before Harmony died, she confirmed that Willow wasn’t her daughter, but swore Carly to secrecy regarding the identity of her real mother! As she mourned the woman she thought was her mom, Willow got a DNA test that proved she and Harmony were not related.

GH Carly Michael Willow Nina
Willow wanted nothing to do with Nina… unaware of their true connection!ABC

As Willow stood by Michael and testified in court to keep Nina away from Wiley, she had no idea that Carly had done her own DNA test that proved Nina was her biological mother! Unaware of the secret Carly was keeping, Willow also continued to experience dizzy spells. When she finally went to the doctor, she was stunned to find out that she was pregnant! However, Dr. TJ Ashford warned that her symptoms had started well before she became pregnant, and wanted to do further testing. Willow happily told Michael he was going to become a daddy, but neglected to mention TJ’s fears about her health.

Willow was heartbroken to learn that she had leukemia and chose to keep it a secret, knowing Michael would force her to have treatment. She wanted to wait until the baby was strong enough, but by that time, she was unfortunately at stage four. The tension between Willow and Nina also intensified when she kept seeing Willow and TJ together and jumped to conclusions. When Michael caught wind of this, he caught Willow and TJ at the hospital and she finally admitted her diagnosis. He offered his unconditional support but reluctantly agreed to continue keeping it secret from everyone else.

Willow decided to search for her biological mother in the hopes of finding a bone marrow donor, and asked Drew Cain to help. Unfortunately, Carly — unaware of Willow’s diagnosis — interfered to keep the truth that Nina was her mom from coming out! Willow confided her diagnosis to Drew so he would understand how important it was to find her mother, and he agreed to keep searching. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy treatment wasn’t working because she’d waited so long, and the bone marrow donor the hospital found proved invalid. And when Willow collapsed again, she was rushed to the hospital, fighting for her life!

GH Michael willow
Michael wouldn’t leave Willow’s side throughout her ordeal.ABC

When Willow regained consciousness, she was horrified to learn that Nina is her biological mother. Unfortunately, Nina turned out not to be a match, but Terry suggested they could use stem cells from the baby to help treat Willow’s leukemia. So Willow agreed to deliver the baby early in the hopes of saving both their lives.

Willow nearly died giving birth but Michael’s pleas for her to come back to him kept her from going into the light with Harmony. Michael and Willow named their daughter Amelia Grace, but were heartbroken to learn that they weren’t able to harvest enough stem cells. Fearing time was running out, Michael and Willow decided to get married as soon as possible. She convinced Michael to invite Sonny to the wedding, but Nina was still not welcome. After a beautiful ceremony, the reception was interrupted by the SEC arriving to question Carly about insider trading.

After Michael confessed to her about using Dex to gather evidence to bring Sonny down, an upset Willow collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. As her time ran out, Willow urged Michael to make amends with his father and Nina to drop her vendetta against Carly. Nina’s aunt, Liesl Obrecht, was found to be a match, but her kidnapping delayed the transplant. Eventually, Obrecht returned to Port Charles and Willow received her life-saving donation.

GH Willow Michael
Willow forgave Michael for keeping her in the dark but not Nina!Christine Bartolucci/Disney

After recovering, Willow returned to work at the hospital and was haunted by dreams of Harmony trying to warn her of something. She and Michael attended Sonny and Nina’s wedding and later didn’t understand why Nina was being so reluctant to spend time with her and Wiley. On New Year’s Eve, she found out the truth that Michael had found out that Nina turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC and had used that to blackmail her into staying away from their family. Furious at Michael for lying to her, Willow pushed him away, but ultimately they reconciled by Valentine’s Day. When Jason turned up alive but shot, Michael asked Willow to use her nursing skills to keep him alive. She worried that stealing antibiotics from the hospital would cost her her job, but Michael had Spinelli cover her tracks.

As 2024 continued, Willow began having second thoughts about her nursing career because it was taking her away from the kids.

Keep watching GH to see how Willow’s story continues to unfold!

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