GH Friday Recap: Ava… Is That YOU?!

The “death” of little preemie Jerome left Julian verklempt and unable to share that grief with his loved ones. Not wanting to leave him alone, Alexis had spent the night urged him to left his family show their love and support. Unaware of the events of the day before, Lucas showed up with a big smile and a bouquet of congratulatory mylar balloons, only for Alexis to break the unfortunate news. Lucas back out the door with his tail between his legs and the balloons over his head and swiftly filled in Sam and Kiki.

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Sam took the news especially hard, considering she set off the confrontation between Julian and Olivia that resulted in the baby’s premature birth. Patrick lent her a big, comfy shoulder. As she was heading out the door, he said those three little words for the first time: “I love you.” And she said them back.

Shortly thereafter, Julian’s family gathered and said they’d be there for him in any way he needed. In turn, he issued a promise that he was giving up the business for good. Yes, he had said it before, but the baby’s death changed him. In the middle of his declaration, there was a knock at the door. Behind it, a gum-smacking, crass, brunette Brooklyn-ite… who looked an awful lot like Ava!

The day after Duke’s funeral, Anna was not only haunted by the memory of shooting Carlos, but also by Carlos himself! She imagined him on a rampage following her around her hotel suite, screaming in her ear. Although still grieving Duke, Anna was a kind and polite to Sabrina when she came to visit, asking about Carlos’ whereabouts. Anna attempted to dodge Sabrina’s questions and then came up with a cover story: that Carlos attacked her and made a run for it.

Jake told Sloane that he wanted out of his undercover operation. As Jake erroneously saw it, Hayden was in coma because Shawn tried to shoot him and missed. He didn’t want to risk anyone else being an innocent victim because of him, including Liz and Sam. Sloane threatened to ask the D.A. to press charges if Jake didn’t cooperate. Jake knew what was at stake but walked away anyway.

T.J. visited Shawn in jail and began to trash his mother. He never imagined that his mother would put Shawn behind bars but, on top of that, he couldn’t believe that she lied to him for all those years when he thought she was in jail. Nope. She had chosen a career over raising her own son. Shawn told the boy to stop disrespecting his mother, but T.J.’s head was way too hot!

Jordan, meanwhile, was desperate to save Shawn’s hide and cut a deal with Scotty. All she had to do was talk Shawn into it. When she arrived at his cell, she told him that the D.A.’s office was willing to put him on probation… if he testified against Sonny. Shawn refused. Jordan pleaded with him but he refused to stab Sonny in the back. In complete desperation, Jordan blurted that he couldn’t do that to T.J…. because T.J. was his son!

Monday’s GH will be a rebroadcast but a fresh episode will air Tuesday, when Shawn weighs his options, Sloane has news for Jake… and what up with the wig, Ava? Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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