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GH Friday Recap: Dillon’s Secret Is Out!

Dillon and Maxie’s attempt at making a movie opened a whole can of worms that he never expected. His inability to shoot a love scene because Lulu invaded his thoughts led to him confessing to Maxie that he had feelings for her BFF. You’d think that tensions would be eased now that the secret was out there, but no. In fact just the opposite!

Maxie thought it would be best to unwind so she sought out Nathan for lunch. He could see that something was up, but she wasn’t talking. In fact, she was kind of cagey. When she finally admitted things got “intense” with Dillon, Nathan misinterpreted and assumed that Maxie had developed feelings for Dillon. That got a big old “No!” from Maxie, who corrected him, saying that she and Dillon ended up talking about something personal to him and that she was keeping his confidence.

Back on the Haunted Star, Valerie pretty much threw herself at Dillon, only for Andy the intern to interrupt, asking if he could charge his camera in the office. Dillon agreed. Andy plugged in his camera and made a swift exit. Valerie was mortified for jumping Dillon, confessing that she was using him to forget someone else. Dillon asked if that someone was Dante. She admitted that it was, prompting Dillon to admit that he was using her for the same reason! His “someone” was Lulu. Valerie countered that she had done something far worse: namely, sleep with Dante! Dillon promised to keep her confidence and she agreed to keep his. But that digital video camera of Andy’s? Nope it was _ not _keeping their secrets!

Meanwhile, Franco and Nina were surprised to walk into Silas’ old apartment to find Kiki still living there. They assumed she moved out after listing the apartment for sale, but Kiki informed them that since the murder, the place hadn’t had too many takers. Franco apologized to Kiki for not keeping in better touch, but when she didn’t return his phone calls, he decided not to push. Kiki claimed she had been busy working nights at a new job in finance and told him there was no need to worry about her. But she, too, had a secret — she had become a frequent visitor to the Floating Rib, where she had been spending her nights getting toasted!

At least Sam and Patrick were happy! She spread rose petals all over the house, and whipped out a sign for him that read, “Yes, Patrick, I’ll marry you.” They celebrated with a kiss (or five) and a bottle of bubbly. Their love fest was moving along nicely… until there was a knock at the door. Laura — the woman who knew that Jake was Jason — was back in town and paying Sam a visit? Uh oh!

Monday on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Sabrina wants to talk with Anna about Carlos, Michael’s behavior scares Tracy, and Liz receives a disturbing phone call! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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