GH Friday Recap: ‘Jake IS Jason!’

What would GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Nurses Ball be without 1) getting a glimpse of Lucy in her undies and 2) a relationship catastrophe? This year’s gala to benefit the treatment, prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS was on its way to history repeating itself yet again!

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Brad’s evening began with a jumping-for-joy reunion with his BFF, Britt, who came out of hiding for one reason and one reason only — to watch red carpet arrivals with him. With a half-gallon of ice cream and two spoons in hand, the besties poked fun at the dazzlingly dressed folks of PC, waiting — hoping — for a blooper, fall or a wardrobe malfunction. Maxie did just fine filling that order! Upon hearing of Spencer’s accident, Britt ran to Wyndemere, gave the tyke a pep talk and told him to stop sulking and get his little behind to the ball!

After guests filed into the Metro Court ballroom, the show began. Lucy, looking as lovely as usual, kicked off the evening by introducing the nurses of GH, who welcomed the crowd with song and dance. Then, with a clap of thunder, the stage darkened and Obrecht appeared. Dressed in head-to-toe red, she strutted around the stage, bursting balloons as she sang “99 Red Balloons.”

Lucy took the stage and shut her down faster than lanes on the George Washington Bridge and moved right on to the next act. Ric. He looked at Liz and told her to open the box Molly had given her moments earlier. In it, a diamond engagement ring. As a montage of his and Liz’s beautiful times together flashed on a giant screen, he looked at her and sang, “[I Wanna] Marry You.”

Suddenly, guests gasped as Hayden and Pete’s wedding photo was projected behind Ric. Carly and Pete waltzed onto stage and, well, to sum it up, “outted” Ric’s scheme. Both furious and humiliated, Liz ran out, and Ric quickly followed. He, of course, used his standard, “I did it because I love you” speech.” This time, there was no way she was going to fall for his lies. That was it; they were finished, done, through, kaput.

Meanwhile, Lucy asked Brad up to the stage and save the party like he did last year. With the tempo jacked up a little, he finished Ric’s song. The lyrics got the best of him because when he was done, he walked up to Lucas and proposed!

After her part in Ric’s plan had been revealed, Hayden ran out with Jake close behind. She confessed everything to him and was even somewhat apologetic. Carly ordered both her and Ric to leave the premises or she’d have security throw them out! At the same time, a frantic Liz ran into a dressing room. She felt like a fool for trusting Ric again. But, more importantly, she realized that Jake’s marriage to Hayden was a lie. That meant Liz could be with him. Nikolas did his best to calm Liz, but to no avail. Until, that is, he said those shocking words: “Jake… is Jason!” Liz froze.

Monday on GH, Spencer takes his pursuit of Emma too far, Anna and Duke don’t see Lucy coming, and Magic Milo and the Magic Wands! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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