GH Friday Recap: Nik Just Cannot Resist Hayden!

That Hayden is a real go-getter. When it comes to men, she’s as subtle as a flying brick. In need of a little human contact, as they say, she looked up Nikolas’ phone number on the Internet (under “L” for “lonely dark prince”) and gave him a call. “I’m ravenous. How about coming over here and buttering my muffin?” She was not talking about brunch! Nikolas not only rejected her, he discouraged any kind of further contact. But she still didn’t get the hint. “Is this because we’re blackmailing each other?” she asked. Now there’s something you only hear said on soap operas! He hung up, but that didn’t slow her down. She wanted him, and she him pronto!

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Hayden hopped on a boat, made her way to Spoon Island and made it clear in no uncertain terms that she meant business… monkey business! “I’m open to any and all positions, by the way,” she said nonchalantly. She threatened to leave, but he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. They both fumbled to get undressed right there in the Wyndemere parlor, only to metaphorically be doused with cold water ala hurricane Alexis. While Hayden slipped out, Alexis scurried in in search of the truth about Helena.

After gobbling down a mouthful of blueberry muffins, Sam answered a knock on Patrick’s front door. It was Jake, there to deliver Sam’s car and a trunkful of her belongings. He apologized for that little, old “human shield” incident a few months back, but she was already over it. Patrick slipped in and looked rather displeased at their connection but was too much a gentleman to say so. After helping Sam unload her car, Jake tossed her the keys, missing her by a mile and landing on the floor. More specifically, they landed on floor, under the sofa next to Jason’s wedding ring!

Ric’s attempt to woo Liz with flowers was working like a charm… until Pete showed up at her door! While Liz was getting gussied up for dinner, a nervous Ric ushered Pete to Liz’s front porch. There, Pete threatens to expose Ric’s role in bringing Jake’s so-called wife to town if he doesn’t pay him an additional ten grand.

Meanwhile, Spinelli told a thrilled Carly that he found some dirt on Hayden. Apparently, right before showing up in Port Charles, she came into a very large sum of money. Itching for more info on Jake’s supposed wife, Carly handed Spinelli a skeleton key and told him to sneak into Hayden room and see what else he could find. Just as Spinelli approached, Pete and Hayden stepped out of her room. Spinelli hid around the corner, but he was close enough to hear them conspiring.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia was both grateful and upset that Ned gave up his ELQ stock in exchange for Franco’s silence about her baby daddy. After and in-and-out visit from Alexis, Ned admitted that the reason he went to such an extent to protect her was because he had feelings for her. “It’s you. It’s always been you,” he told her as she wept. Promising that Franco would never get away with blackmailing them.

Monday on GH, Nikolas is in panic mode, Carly has suspicions about Ric and Valerie is quickly wearing out her welcome at the Falconeri abode! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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