GH Friday Recap: Ready… Aim… Oopsie Daisy!

_They don’t make hitmen the way they used to. GENERAL HOSPITAL had not one, but two botched assassination attempts. _

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Flub number one came in the form of Duke’s dude, Bruce. Anna and Jordan were having another clandestine meetings in one of the busiest places in town when Anna saw a gunman through the corner of her eye. She pushed Jordan out of the way and bullets began to fly. Bruce, missed his target, Jordan, who walked away from the scene with a twisted ankle and a few hairs out of place.

Botch number two came in the form of Carlos, who positioned himself in Hayden and Jake’s Metro Court room, where he had a clear shot at Duke in the hotel’s terrace restaurant below. Why, oh, why these mobsters keep dining on that terrace is unexplainable. It’s where Manny Ruiz aimed at Jason but hit Sam and Ava Jerome had her gun pointed at Sonny but got Olivia square in the chest instead.

Anyway, Carlos was just about ready to pull the trigger and take out Duke when Hayden returned and inadvertently thwarted the hit. Carlos said he was a friend of Jake’s, which didn’t explain the massive firearm in his possession. He claimed he was a “friend” of her husband’s. Not surprisingly, she didn’t buy it. Feisty Hayden all but grabbed him by the ear and tossed him into the hall.

Duke was shocked when Jordan strolled into the Metro Court unscathed. The whole point of ordering someone dead is to, you know, kill them! Bruce failed. After Jordan and Shawn left, Duke chewed out Bruce for his incompetency. Bruce explained that Jordan wasn’t alone; Anna was with her. Duke was horrified. Anna could have been an unexpected casualty of Bruce’s ineptitude.

After having a pushy and annoying phone chat with Sloane (or it could have been a telemarketer), Jake was in a bit of a frustrated rampage when Carly showed up at the garage. She was just about to reveal the Hayden/Pete scheme when Anna showed up looking for answers about the failed hit. Shortly thereafter, Hayden summoned Jake back to the hotel, where she had a few questions of her own!

Meanwhile, a different kind of war was erupting at ELQ. Michael had just told Sonny that someone switched his allergy meds for roofies, which is why he’d been acting crazy. Cue Morgan and Kiki, who stepped off the elevator and into the center of the hysteria. They pretended to have no clue what Michael was talking about… until Michael gave his little brother a shove and a zip-lochk bags of pills fell out of him like he was a piñata.

Michael realized Morgan and Kiki returned to replace the bad pills with the right ones. Morgan was forced to come clean and begged Sonny to understand. He didn’t. In fact, Sonny joined in on the screaming match. Michael accused them of kidnapping A.J. (Avery), too, but they adamantly denied. But wait. It then got weird. Morgan and Kiki returned to Silas’ apartment… and baby Avery was there!

Monday on GH, Carly has it out with Kiki and Morgan, Michael and Sabrina grow closer, and Nathan tells Nina she’s a kidnapping suspect! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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