GH Friday Recap: Silas Is Murdered!

_Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL was a doozy! _

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Denise was still shaking from her encounter with Silas when Morgan returned. She told her boy toy that Silas threatened to tell Kiki the truth about finding them in bed together, and she was certain he’d make good on that threat. Morgan flew into a rage. Before Denise could stop him, Morgan rushed out, intent on stopping him!

Meanwhile, Nina was pleasantly surprised to see Franco in Shadybrook. He said he came because he never stopped loving her. She felt the same. Thrilled to be together again, they kissed. Franco was intent on getting her out of Shadybrook and was shocked to learn that Nina committed herself. She believed that Franco was right; that she kidnapped Avery. In fact, she was convinced that she had lost her mind because of her guilty conscience. Franco insisted that she was not the kidnapper because he knew who was — Silas!

Franco told Nina the whole truth, everything from Silas kidnapping Avery to the fact that Ava has alive and trying to pull herself off as her long-lost look alike sister, Denise. Nina pretty much freaked out. She was furious that she continued to go to Silas for comfort, and he continued to lie to her so she’d go down for a crime that he committed! She tore out of the room in a furry.

Shortly thereafter, Franco arrived at Silas’ apartment looking for Nina. The door was ajar. Franco slowly pushed it open. There, on the floor, he saw Silas in a pool of blood… and Nina kneeling above him with a giant knife in her hand!

Over at the Webber house, Elizabeth couldn’t believe her ears. Laura revealed that she knew Jake was Jason and, after seeing how thrilled Monica was to realize her grandson was still alive, she deserved to know that her son was alive, too. And, as a mother, Laura was compelled to tell her! Liz begged her not to, at first just saying that Jake/Jason didn’t remember anyone anyway; in the long-run it would just cause more confusion and pain for everyone.

Laura was unconvinced until Liz pulled out the heavy armor by saying that Nikolas could wind up in prison. Liz told her about Hayden and how all evidence pointed to Nikolas trying to kill her to keep her from revealing Jake’s true identity. The news that her son would do that devastated Laura, but she wanted to hear it from Nikolas’ lips that he had something to do with Hayden taking a bullet to the head. Again, Liz pleaded with her to not mention a word to Nik about their conversation. Moments later, Nikolas showed up at Liz’s door. Laura took a deep breath and assured them both that she had decided to keep the information about Jason to herself.

Patrick told Sam the good news that Liz had decided to allow Danny and Jake to get together. Sam was, of course, thrilled. Just as she was leaving the hospital, she bumped into Jake. He told her Michael’s theory that Hayden Barnes must have learned the truth about Jake from Nikolas. Sam was intrigued by the idea but wasn’t sure how to prove it. Just then, Patrick stepped in with news: Hayden was awake!

Monday on GH, Morgan opens up to Sonny, Laura makes a surprising decision and Franco deals with Nina’s latest conundrum! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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