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GH Recap: Michael Seals Sonny’s Fate!

Obrecht told Patrick he could have his job back, but reprimanded him for responding by hugging Sam. “Take your display of affection elsewhere!” she snapped. Obrecht later met with Britt and, after greeting her with a slap, blackmailed her daughter. How? By threatening to tell Nikolas the truth about Britt’s involvement in Spencer’s disappearance unless she helped Agent Sloane bring down Anna for Faison’s murder.

Michael declared himself a Quartermaine and made it clear he wasn’t about to let Tracy or Larry take over the family business. Despite Diane’s pleas that he not, Sonny had Shawn give Michael the tape proving he killed A.J. and Ava killed Connie. Playing the tape, Michael and Monica finally knew that A.J. had been innocent. Well, of Connie’s murder, anyway. Monica and Ned went to give A.J. the best possible birthday present — word that he’d been exonerated. Of course, this birthday present would have been way more awesome were A.J. still, you know, alive. Kiki called her mama out for having killed Connie. (Ava’s response, “I know it was wrong,” may have been the understatement of the week, at least so far!) She ran into Michael at GH just as he was handing the incriminating audiotape over to Anna. After listening to it, Anna went to arrest Ava only to find her hospital bed empty.

Nikolas and Spencer had a long chat about honesty and chocolate. For a second, it looked as if Spencer might throw Britt under the bus, but he changed his mind at the last minute. Shawn and Jordan sat T.J. down and prepared to tell him the truth about his father. Sam and Patrick snuck up to the conveniently-unlocked patio door of the Quartermaine living room and opened it enough to overhear the phone call on which Larry warned Jerry that they had a problem. With it looking as if Duke and Carly were going to be sent to Pentonville, Alexis told Sonny, “You are going down, and you are taking everybody with you!”

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