GH Recap: Sonny Pleads Guilty!

Upon discovering that Ava had fled the hospital, Michael took his frustration out on Kiki. “Not only are you a liar,” he barked, “but you’re an idiot, too!” Morgan tried to prevent Michael from trash-talking Kiki, but wound up joining her on the receiving end of his brother’s anger. “You two are a regular brain trust,” Michael spat, “aren’t you?” Determined to find Ava, Anna had Julian dragged — quite literally — down to the station. Ava, meanwhile, turned up on Silas’ doorstep. Before he could even say, “Hey, they found your baby yet?”, Ava demanded that he hide her. (Ava must be saving a fortune on rent with all this couch surfing!)

Heading into court, Diane told Sonny and Carly to keep their lips so zipped that the only words that could escape were “not” and “guilty.” Despite this, the judge denied Carly bail. Sonny struck a deal, agreeing to plead guilty if the charges against Carly were dropped. Jordan and Shawn told T.J. that they’d had an affair behind his father’s back. In the understatement of the year, Jordan declared that the tryst had been “a mistake.” Shawn insisted that Thomas had pulled a gun on him, and that he’d killed him in self-defense. Shawn and Jordan insisted that T.J. was definite Thomas’ son. (The look on Jordan’s face, however, indicated she might have told a whopper where her son’s paternity is concerned!) Sam and Patrick overheard Larry talking to Jerry and, when not talking louder than they probably should have from a few feet away, heard him mention a safe deposit box. While Patrick distracted Larry (with booze… smart man!), Sam made a copy of the key to the safe deposit box using Danny’s Silly Putty!

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