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GH’s Maxie Strikes Back At Lulu!

With her back against the wall, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Maxie gives Lulu a taste of her own medicine!

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GENERAL HOSPITAL fans were warned that the custody battle between Lulu and Maxie for little Connie was going to get downright dirty and, boy, the “powers that be” were not kidding! Abortion, mental illness, kidnapping, perjury, murder! Any and every opportunity that arose for the women to sucker punch the other was not passed by. After Lulu accused Maxie of being responsible for Robin’s death (ouch), Maxie swung back… twofold! “If anyone in this custody trial is a murderer, it’s you,” Diane said, staring down Lulu on the witness stand.

Dumbfounded, Lulu was, “Excuse me?” Yes, Diane went “there,” referring to Lulu’s abortion when she was a teenager. And there was also that unfortunate incident with killing Logan Hayes. But what really pushed it over the edge was Diane asking her if she tried to persuade Dante to flee the jurisdiction with the baby. Lulu’s denial was a big, fat lie, and Dante squirming in his chair was a clear sign he was not happy with his wife’s choice to fib. After all, he’d be lying under oath if he said she wasn’t lying!

In the catacombs beneath Wyndemere, Faison wasn’t caught telling a lie; he was caught telling the truth! Fearful that Duke’s escape would mean their ruin, Obrecht encouraged Faison to “eliminate” him. Duke knew better, pointing out that Faison needed to keep him alive in order to get to Anna. “He’s going to blackmail her. She has to be with him or I pay the price,” Duke said. Obrecht faced dropped and, in manner of nanoseconds, her expression went from hurt to thoroughly and totally hopping mad! But it wasn’t until Faison said she was “loyal like a dog” that she pulled a knife and charged at him!

After being locked in lab on Cassadine Island for what seemed like forever, Robert and Anna were out of escape options, out of bullets and with nothing to thrown at Jerry other than a dirty look and bad language. Waiting for the cavalry to arrive was a waste of time, and if they wanted freedom, they’d have to put on their WSB thinking caps! And that they did! Tape, salt, chewing gum and a little ingenuity was all it took to open the door! Now, to get off the island!

While Nikolas was confessing his growing feelings for Britt and sealing it with a kiss (!), Robin was hiding under a desk in GH’s lab, listening to the sounds of Patrick and Sabrina smooching! Although Patrick came very close to spotting Robin, someone actually did… Carlos! He had been trying so very hard to get Sabrina to cancel her wedding. Telling her that her future groom already had a very much alive bride would certainly do the trick!

Starting Monday, the judge’s ruling in the custody hearing threatens more than one relationship, Carlos has words of warning for Sabrina and Heather’s life is threatened… by Franco! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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