GH’s Robin Prevents Maxie’s Suicide!

A life saved, a life threatened, a first-time sexual tryst, a murder plotted and so much more! Check out what you missed on Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL!

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Maxie sat at Georgie’s grave with pills in hand. She heard a familiar voice calling her name. Looking up, she was stunned to see Robin. Maxie thought she was a ghost sent by Georgie to talk her out of doing herself in. She went on and on, pouring out her guilt that she killed Robin until, finally, Robin hauled off and smacked her! “You just slapped me! You’re really here! You’re alive!” cried Maxie, hanging onto her cousin for dear life. Robin told her about Jerry, Faison and Obrecht, making Maxie realize the explosion wasn’t her fault, that it was staged. Robin, in turn, realized her arrival prevented Maxie from killing herself.

Carlos planted a big wet one on Sabrina… in an open doorway… just as Patrick approached. That’s what we call a soap opera perfect storm (SOPS). Overcome with jealousy, Patrick barged in and pushed Carrrrrlos away from his almost-bride. She assured Patrick that nothing happened… accept the kiss he witnessed. But that didn’t mean anything to her. Nah. What Patrick needed was time to think but wanted her back at home with him in the meantime. Carlos had his opinion of that and it wasn’t pleasant. Provoked, Patrick gave him a well-deserved knuckle sandwich and a warning of, “You go near Sabrina, and you’re a dead man.”

Carly and Franco locked lips and loved every second of it! For Carly, Franco was a welcome distraction to the Jerry chaos earlier. For Franco, he was feeling sorry for himself because he was unemployed, broke and his newfound father wanted nothing to do with him. A few bites of chocolate, they were making out and then, gasp, making love! Their afterglow was interrupted by a phone call from what he thought was a serious job prospect. In fact, it was just Heather luring him away from Carly. After Franco left, Carly hopped in the shower, and Heather snuck in brandishing her trusty knife!

Ellie had a “plethora of big news” for Spinelli, as she put it. First, Robin was alive. Second, she was offered her dream job running a lab… on the opposite side of the country. He put a stunned smile on her face when he suggested he join her in the move! Meanwhile, Sonny warned Ava that if the Jeromes hit him, he’d hit them back harder. She, however, was about to do him a big favor — testify against A.J.! When she took the witness stand, Ava spoke of A.J.’s state of mind the night Connie was murdered. It didn’t look good for A.J. and it was time for the defense to present their case. But rather than call witnesses, Diane said the defense rested. A.J. protested, saying, “The defense WILL call one witness — _me!” _

Next week, Robin wants her husband back and turns to Sabrina for help! Plus, Sonny and Shawn take Carlos “for a ride,” and Franco gets defensive! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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