What Happened to Heather Webber on GENERAL HOSPITAL


It’s been a while since Heather Webber has been on GENERAL HOSPITAL, so it’s understandable if some newer fans of the soap might need a refresher. And for the longtime viewers who just want to relive her wild and crazy life, we’ve got you covered! The role of Heather was originated back in 1976 by Georganne LaPiere, but she left after a year to try to become a movie star. Mary O’Brien took over for a couple of years, and then in 1980, Robin Mattson joined the cast of GH to make the role her own and continued playing the character on and off for decades.

Heather Grant came to Port Charles and fell in love with Monica’s husband, Jeff Webber. After spending the night with him, she got pregnant, but because he wouldn’t leave his wife, Heather opted to sell the baby to nurse Diana Taylor. After she told Jeff she’d lost their baby, he married her and she began working as the nanny for the Taylors’ son, who was really hers. Heather got pregnant again, but when she lost that child, she decided to get her son back. But her attempt to drive Diana crazy backfired when Heather accidentally drank the LSD herself and was committed to a sanitarium!

Although Heather was eventually released, she faked hysteria to get herself recommitted so she would have an alibi when she killed Diana and framed Jeff’s new lover for the crime. But in the end, it was revealed that Heather didn’t actually kill Diana after all. For a while, her therapy with Dr. Seymour Katz was going well, but then she arranged for another of his patients to shoot the shrink! (Thankfully, he survived…)

GH Heather, Gail, and Scotty - ABC/Getty
Heather fell for her doctor’s stepson!ABC Photo Archives

Heather did much better with her next doctor, Gail Baldwin, who was convinced that she was cured. After Joe Kelly found her in bed with Scotty Baldwin, Heather left him for the attorney and the scheme team plotted to use her cousin, Susan Moore, to steal a fortune from the Quartermaines. Heather even tricked Susan into giving her permission to raise her son, Jason, if anything happened to her. But their plan fell apart and after Susan was murdered, Heather failed to get custody of Jason, so she left town to be with her son, Steven Lars.

Heather returned in 2004 claiming she wanted to reconnect with her family, but she actually seduced her way into the Quartermaine family by convincing Edward Quartermaine to marry her! Unfortunately, he gave away his fortune to be with her, so Heather and Tracy had him committed. Luke Spencer exposed Heather’s scheme and tricked her into confessing that she’d murdered policeman Ross Duncan and framed Skye for the killing! Ultimately, Heather was locked up in Ferncliff Sanitarium for her crimes.

In 2012, Sam Morgan visited Heather looking for information on the serial killer Franco, who was obsessed with Jason, and the inmate revealed that Franco is actually Jason’s fraternal twin brother! Heather convinced her son, Steve, that she’d changed and he helped her get released, but when Steve was arrested for murder, she killed Maggie Wurth and made it look like a suicide so she would be blamed for the killing instead.

GH Carly, Franco, and Heather - JPI
Heather never thought Carly was right for her sonHoward Wise/

Not only did Heather tamper with the paternity test results to make Sam believe that Franco, not Jason, was the father of her child, she also switched Téa Delgado’s stillborn baby with Sam’s! After kidnapping Luke and trying to kill Anna Devane, Heather tried to steal Téa’s (really Sam’s) baby for herself, but after a tense standoff was injured and lapsed into a coma.

After waking up, Heather escaped Ferncliff and tried to kidnap Jason and Sam’s son again, tried to kill Olivia Falconeri, but ended up stabbing Steve. After turning herself in, Heather was visited by Franco and she revealed that he’s really her son with Scott. But after she tried to kill his then-girlfriend, Carly Benson, Franco stabbed her and believed her dead. She survived, though, and after trying to kill Carly again, shot her son. Although locked up again, Heather sneaked out to drug Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Jones so people wouldn’t think that Franco was the hospital serial killer. She also revealed that she knew Elizabeth Webber and Hayden Barnes were actually sisters!

Heather is currently locked up in D’Archam Asylum, and hasn’t been seen on screen since 2016. However, in 2021, serial killer Ryan Chamberlain received a letter from a Heather W, who claimed to be his biggest fan. So while Heather may seem to be safely locked up tight, it’s clear from her past that you can never predict what she might do next!

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