“I’m Going Home To My Family!”

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans, hold onto your seats because this week is going to be a wild ride!

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After a very long year of comatose silence, Robert greeted Anna with an ear-to-ear grin and a cheery, “Hey, sweetheart!” Oh, how we missed that smile and charming accent. Fans have been antsy for his awakening, wondering if he’d remember seeing Robin alive. He didn’t. At least, not at first. Just as Anna was ready to call it a night and head back to her cozy Swiss hotel room, Robert closed his tired eyes and had flashes of walking in on Obrecht. “She was with Robin, Anna!” he shouted. It was clear from the “Whatchoo talkin’ bout?” look on her face that she thought he was delirious.

Obrecht talked with Robin and painted Sabrina as a schemer and a manipulator. But Robin turned the tables on her, konked her out by smashing a glass beaker on her head and declaring that she was going home to her family! If only it were that easy, Robin. Luke was also on Cassadine Island, but his escape was beginning to look far less likely. Although Jerry brought him breakfast in bed, Luke wasn’t even strong enough to sit up. Jerry had a good reason to keep him alive, though — to use him as a lab rat! Jerry figured that Robin might want to poison him and Luke was the perfect guinea pig to test any cure she might concoct!

Meanwhile, curiosity was killing Alexis. She thought it was more than coincidence that Sam’s father’s name was Julian and the name Julian Jerome kept popping up. Duke showed her a newspaper clipping of Julian Jerome when he was younger to see if he was the same man Alexis had a one-nighter with. She wasn’t sure and wished there was a way to find out. Duke told her there was! Alexis could compare Sam’s DNA with Julian’s biological son, Lucas Jones!

This week, Sonny reacts to the news about Ava and Morgan’s sexcapades, Tracy comes to Luke’s rescue, and Jerry offers Robin a challenge! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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