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Interview: The Spencer Men, Part 2!


Did you read our recent interview with GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Anthony Geary (Luke), Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) and Nathan Parsons (ex-Ethan) in the June 25 issue of Soaps In Depth, and the leftover Q&A we posted here? That wasn’t even all of our chat with the three Daytime Emmy nominees! Here’s the remainder of our exclusive Q&A with the father/sons trio!

Let’s Go To The Movies
If you could write something for all three of you to star in together, what kind of characters would you write for each other and yourself?
** **Jonathan:
One of the things that Tony gave us as a foundation is that people work in many different ways as actors. And one of the gifts that Tony gave me, and I think Nathan as well is to be up for anything. And to test things. And to prod. Be available for the surprise that hopefully can occur. So, any other project that we went into, I think that foundation would still be there. Regardless of whether it’s a comedy or a drama, whatever the characters happen to be, that foundation would be there and would create an incredible creative environment.
Nathan: It would be a very fun experiment to come together as other people. But we’d have to write like 70 movies so we could all play as many characters as possible. I think all of us can really play anybody. I just might need a different haircut!
Tony: We do work similarly. These guys have their own methods, but there are elements of how I work that have found their way into each one’s process. We start out on different, diverging roads, but they lead to the same destination. The most significant thing we three share is trust. I trust both of these guys with my professional life. And, if you trust the other actor to that degree, there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished together. Especially since we all come to a set ready to explore a scene rather than just deliver it. Ready to be completely open to another person is to be profoundly on your game. When you have this kind of connection, you’ll do anything not to let your partners down.

If you all were cast in the sequel to The Avengers, what role would each of you play, and what role would be best for the others?
** **Jonathan:
Nathan strikes me as Iron Man.
Nathan: Sweet!
Jonathan: You have the wit for it.
Tony: Yes, Iron Man is good for you because Tony Stark is such a cool dude.
Nathan: Yes, that would be cool! Iron Man is awesome.
Jonathan: Iron Man is awesome!
Tony: I think the Falcon would be a good role for Jonathan. He’s the most human of The Avengers’ superheroes. He’s an archer. He has awesome powers of focus, precision and execution. To me, that’s Jonathan. But, personally, I’m not interested in playing a superhero. Heroes of any kind tend to bore me. I’m far more inspired by the frailties of the human experience. I want to find and explore the flaws and imperfections in the characters I play.
Nathan: The chinks in the armor.
Tony: Absolutely.

Okay, how about the sequel to The Three Stooges? Who would play who?
Jonathan: *I don’t know the Three Stooges very well. That’s Curly, Moe, and…
Larry, you numbskull!
Nathan: I want to be Curly.
Tony: You just want an excuse to shave your head ’cause you’re a freak.
Nathan: Do we sound convincing? We’re just making this up now.
Tony: Frankly, I never found the Stooges all that funny. They were a tad over the top, don’t you think? I’m more of The Importance Of Being Earnest kind of guy.

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