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James on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need to Know


Dr. James Warwick first appeared on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL back in October 1993 and has always been played by actor Ian Buchanan. His initial run ended in 1999, but he has returned to B&B for additional appearances in the following years, his most recent in 2017. So who knows if he might show up again one day!

As a psychiatrist who was Taylor Hayes’ former mentor, James came to her for help in dealing with the death of his father and the imminent death of Sophia, the woman he loved. However, when Taylor did some snooping, she discovered that his father, Damon, was alive, and Sophia didn’t actually exist! At his home in Scotland, Taylor helped James reconcile with his father and accept that he had created Sophia as a coping mechanism.

Grateful for Taylor’s help, James hoped to start a relationship with her but ended up dating Brooke Logan. While at the Forresters’ cabin in Big Bear, he was consoling Taylor who was upset that Ridge had gone on a business trip with Brooke when an earthquake left them fighting for their lives. James confessed that he didn’t want to die a virgin, so Taylor made love with him but they kept it a secret when they were eventually rescued!

James was devastated when Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash and nearly married Brooke, but she ended up with Ridge again. Convinced Taylor was alive and in Morocco, James posed as biographer Brewster MacKenzie to get into Prince Omar’s palace and find her. Although she didn’t want to disrupt Ridge’s new life with Brooke, James was able to persuade Taylor to come home when her father fell ill.

B&B Sheila and James - JPI
Sheila drew James into her evil web.John Paschal/JPI

Eric Forrester came to James to help deal with wife Sheila Carter’s anti-social behavior. After her therapist, Jay Garvin, fell to his death, James was convinced Sheila was dangerous. Investigating her past in Genoa City, the doctor was shocked to learn the extent of Sheila’s crimes. When he attempted to share the information with Eric, Sheila and her partner-in-crime, Mike Guthrie, kidnapped James and held him prisoner in her house!

James faked romantic feelings for Sheila in order to win her trust, and eventually was able to fight his way to freedom. After Sheila held the Forresters at gunpoint, James was horrified when she attempted suicide. Sheila was placed in a mental hospital, and when she was later up for parole, James found her sudden recovery suspicious. James continued to treat her after her release and actually began to make progress in understanding why Sheila acted the way she did.

After failed attempts to date Taylor and Lauren Fenmore, James found happiness with Maggie Forrester but Sheila kept coming between them. Just before their wedding, Maggie took off and a despondent James got drunk and woke up in bed with Sheila. Then, when Maggie returned and they were about to exchange vows, Sheila busted in to announce she was carrying James’ baby!

B&B Sheila James wedding
James eventually became Mr. Sheila Carter!John Paschal/

Maggie and James still tied the knot and ultimately adopted Sheila’s baby, naming her Mary. When Sheila decided she wanted her daughter back, James schemed with everyone else to play on Sheila’s affections and have her declared an unfit mother. After she learned of his deception, James felt terrible and realized he had developed genuine feelings for Sheila. Although they did actually get married, their relationship fell apart when she again returned to a life of crime.

James left Los Angeles to look for Sheila and Mary, but returned when Massimo Marone hired him to help Brooke. He also helped counsel Taylor, Nick, and even Steffy. He tried to broker peace between Brooke and Taylor, but that didn’t go so well. James resurfaced again in 2011 when he tried to help Brooke deal with her fear she’d slept with Thomas while under the influence of hallucinogenic berries.

B&B Taylor James Brooke
Don’t give Brooke and Taylor weapons — even soft toys!sean smith/

In 2017, Eric invited James back to examine Sheila, who was again claiming to be rehabilitated. She had suffered a concussion during a fight with his current wife, Quinn, and he wanted to make sure she was okay to leave his house. But Sheila had found out about James’ addiction to painkillers during which he’d written himself illegal prescriptions and blackmailed him into doing her bidding. James played up Sheila’s injuries for a while so she could remain under Eric’s roof. That was the last anyone saw of him, but who knows if he might turn up again?

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