Luke Gives Stavros “Cold Feet”!

The face of GENERAL HOSPITAL has changed time and time again over its 50-year history. For example, 32 years ago, Luke and Laura were being terrorized by a super villain on Cassadine Island, only for Luke to save his family by locking the bad guy in a freezer… oh, wait.

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Ironically, Stavros met the same end as papa Mikkos did back in 1982. Starvos’ screams of “No! No! Turn it off! Turn it off!” when he realized he was locked in had the pitch of the Wicked Witch crying, “I’m melting!” Then again, Stavros HAS been defrosted once before and lived to be a perfectly splendid looking fellow with a phone sex voice. Who’s to say there’s not a Snuggie and a Hot Toddy hidden in that 210-below steel-trap room?

Back in Port Charles, news of Dante’s possible death scared Olivia silent. “What? Olivia silent? How can that be?” you ask. It wasn’t for long, though. After Sonny comforted his baby mama, she rattled off another one of those Rose from St. Olaf stories (shout out to GOLDEN GIRLS fans), that had her remembering Dante when he was a kid. Gotta give it to Sonny. He makes a darn good friend to women he’s seen in their birthday suits.

With Frisco off on another adventure, Maxie made it perfectly clear she was daddy’s little girl, “daddy” being Uncle Mac, that is. At the same time, Monica was making A.J. look like a mama’s boy! Saying she spied on him smooching with Liz at the Nurses Ball, Monica actually asked him if Liz was going to be her daughter-in-law! A kiss is just a kiss, Monica! Beside, Liz’s attentions were elsewhere, like in flirting with a hospitalized Nikolas. He may have lost some blood with that bullet wound to the chest, but blood was most definitely flowing now!

This week, Connie makes a return (it is Connie, right?), Scotty kisses someone who is NOT Laura, Tracy pulls a surprise on A.J. and, will Stavros’ “cold shoulder” have a lasting effect on Lulu? Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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