Luke? Luke who?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Fake Luke, as we’ve come to know him, is a creepy, duplicitous, money-hungry, immoral power-loving pervert. But now he’s also got murder in mind!

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The morning after his wedding night, he’s anything but madly in love with his new bride, Tracy. In fact, he was on full-throttle avoidance! His mind was elsewhere, like the drug shipment coming in that night. When Julian called a face-to-face meeting with him, Luke assumed he had news about Ava’s whereabouts. Julian did not nor did he want any part if killing her once she was found or the incoming drug shipment. “I quit,” he said pointedly. Luke’s reaction? “What the hell?”

Julian explained that he now had something to lose and a family to consider. He wants to stand on his own, go legit, as they say. But Luke told him he wasn’t going anywhere! Julian stepped in close, got nose-to-nose with him and said that if he wanted to walk, he was going to walk. Period. He wouldn’t stand in his way of taking out Sonny and everything he knew about him and his plans would stay between them. Julian asked to shake on it, and they did. But after Julian stepped away, Luke had the look of a murderer in his eye. It was downright scary!

Around the same time, Alexis was with Ric in the lakehous. She had summoned him there to beg him to let Julian out of the organization. Ric insistsed over and over and over again that he wasn’t Julian’s boss, and it wasn’t until he swore on Molly’s life that he wasn’t working for the Jeromes that Alexis finally believed him! Their heated discussion when she got all soft and girlie-like, admitted that she cares about Julian and hasn’t felt that way since… well… since Ric. Aww. After they shared a bear hug and Ric left, there was a knock on the door. It was Luke. There was a load gun in his pocket and his “Hello, Natasha” took on an especially ominous tone.

He wouldn’t really kill her to prove a point to Julian, would he? It looks like he might!

Meanwhile, Liz told Nikolas she was moving out of Wyndemere, and that shee was giving Ric another chance. Nik fought her tooth and nail on that brilliant move, but she Liz was adamant that she and Nik had no future. Like, ever. Not even a kiss from the handsome Prince woke her up from her Ric dream!

Next week, Julian calls a family dinner for a big announcement, Maxie receives a court order and Carly and Franco uncover some pretty big news thanks to the help of an old friend. Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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