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Morgan Wouldn’t Shoot Sonny… Or Would He?

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas, Pops!” quite like blowing dear old Dad’s brains out. Unfortunately for Sonny, that was the Christmas miracle GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Julian was hoping for courtesy of his underling, Morgan Corinthos.

Sonny And Morgan Take Aim… At Each Other!

Morgan’s day hadn’t gone as he had planned. He was just going to do a little holiday shopping after filling Ava’s stocking. The one hanging on the mantle, that is. Anyway, Molly’s arrival changed the trajectory of his mood from frisky to frightened when she mentioned Shawn, Carlos and Uncle Sonny’s warehouse all in one breath. Julian took note. A “hit” was being set up and it was his right-hand man who was going down!

Meanwhile at the warehouse, Carlos got the better of Sonny’s guard and attempted to make a run for it… just as Sonny and Shawn arrived and T.J. showed up! Carlos grabbed the kid, using him as a human shield. Then it was Max to the rescue! He snuck up behind Carlos and put a gun in his back, only for Julian and Morgan to charge in with their guns drawn! Carlos laughed and cheered like a man who had lost his mind. The gun in Morgan’s hand was trained on his father and shaking. It was the perfect storm for a melee of Mob war proportions!

Ava Makes A Veiled Threat!

While brother Julian was dodging literal bullets, Ava was listening to Silas’ rant about dodging figurative ones. He had gotten a call from an NYPD detective, apparently stirring up an issue he thought was long since dead. Nope. It was still kicking. And somehow it sounded as if that’s exactly how Ava wanted it! “I’m guessing that you wouldn’t want your secrets exposed, especially not to Sam,” Ava said coldly. Yes sir, Ava had Silas right where she wanted him.

Patrick’s Choice Is Made!

Patrick vowed to stick to his promise that he’d make his decision between Robin and Sabrina before Santa slid down the chimney. He started the wheels in motion by giving Robin keys to the house and telling her that he wanted her and Emma to move back into the Drake home for the holidays. She thought that was a sign that he was moving in with Sabrina, but that wasn’t the case.

Shortly there after, Sam popped in at GH. She could see by the look on Patrick’s face that he wasn’t just upset, but as confused and torn as he was on his wedding day when his wife returned from the dead! “I just don’t know where I belong,” he told her. Sam thought the contrary. She believe that in his heart, he know exactly where he belonged, that he just didn’t want to hurt either woman, both of whom he loved.

What will happen on Monday? Will that knock on Sabrina’s door be Patrick with good news or bad? Will Sonny take a bullet from his own son’s gun? And who was that mysterious called hounding Silas. Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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