Patrick’s Shocking Confession To Sam!

Revenge and guilt trips were the theme of the day on Friday’s emotionally charged GENERAL HOSPITAL!

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Looking into Sam’s big, brown sympathetic eyes, a guilt-ridden Patrick confessed that his darker side tried to lead him into temptation! Locked away in a vacant exam room at GH, he admitted to Sam that although he was focusing on the patient on his operating table — that would be Rafe, who was suffering from a traumatic brain injury — there was a voice inside his head telling him that Rafe’s life was in his hands. All it would take was one small slip of his hand, one tiny “accidental” cut would cause a blood vessel to burst and Rafe would be gone, just like his little boy, Gabriel. Patrick would have his justice… if he listened to that voice.

Patrick told Sam that he searched his soul and he didn’t do it. The blood vessel burst on its own. Rafe’s “death” wasn’t Patrick’s fault. “I didn’t falter, Sam. You have to believe me. Tell me you believe me,” he pleaded. A tear ran down her face. She believed him, but convincing Silas was a whole other ball game. Patrick cried. Sam cried. They cried together. And they hugged. Tightly. Really tightly.

Silas, meanwhile, was at Rafe’s bedside, crushed by both sorrow and rage. “I saw the look in [Patrick’s] eyes. At some point in that operation, Drake wanted revenge,” he told Nina. She, of course, was there to comfort him and use his time of vulnerability for her own selfish purpose — to get Sam out of his life! All she had to do was ask one simple question to set the ticking time bomb on Silas and Sam’s relationship. “I’m sure [Sam] agrees with your theories regarding Dr. Drake, right?” Nina asked nonchalantly. The answer was most definitely “no” and that lengthy hug in the adjacent room was proof!

While Rafe’s condition devastated his family, it gave Tracy, Michael and Morgan hope that, possibly, Rafe’s young, healthy heart could be transplanted in the not all that young and not very healthy Alice. As uncomfortable and awkward as it was, Kiki broached the subject with Silas, who confirmed that his nephew’s blood type was B-positive, the same as Alice’s.

At the same time, Nina sat quietly with Rafe, holding his hand. “What’s bad for you is good for me,” she said with a satisfied tone. “You’re helping me drive a wedge in between Silas and his trailer-trash girlfriend. And you’re not going to be able to tell anybody what I’m doing.” Suddenly, the supposedly brain-dead teen grabbed her hand forcefully and his eyes opened to stare into hers!

On Monday’s GH, Maxie confronts Nathan about the deportation threat against Levi, happy news sends Olivia over the moon and what, if anything, is Rafe’s “message” for Nina? Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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