Recap: The Beginning Of The End Of Duke?

One little faux pas like trying to blow up a shipload of people and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jake will forever be labeled a dangerous criminal, huh? You betcha! That’s precisely why Nathan and Maxie jumped to the wrong conclusion when they came upon him in the Metro Court parking garage, holding a gun and standing beside a puddle of fresh blood. It was, however, innocent. The gun belonged to Carlos and the blood, unfortunately, was Duke’s. Nathan promptly cuffed him, called for back up, and Jake was whisked off to the PCPD for questioning.

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Excitement (not the happy, peppy kind) was brewing elsewhere. Duke’s bodyguard, Bruce, snuck into Jordan’s darkened apartment, pointed his gigantic gun at her bed and fired, killing… her hypoallergenic pillows. She, actually, was standing behind him with a gun pointed at him! Although surprised to see that her co-worker wanted her dead, she pulled the trigger, and he was a goner.

Meanwhile, Anna was eagerly packing, as she anticipated a life on the run with Duke. Sloane was happy with the news and tried to talk her out of it. That failed miserably. She pointed out to him that she was madly in love with Duke and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. “Why do you care so much?!” Anna asked. Sloane answered sheepishly, “Maybe I’ll miss you.” Before they got along much further in their conversation, Jordan called with the news that she killed someone. When Sloane and Anna arrived at her apartment, the implication was clear: Duke sent his man, Bruce, to kill Jordan. Sloane pressed her for where she was supposed to meet Duke. Instead, she ran out.

Anna arrived at the pier and called out for Duke. He stumbled into sight and opened his tuxedo jacket to reveal he was covered in blood. He then slowly and lifelessly slid to the ground.

Michael managed to get another kiss from Sabrina, who was concerned about their growing closeness as well as the propriety of it. That flew out the window with the batting of a few lengthy eyelashes — Michael’s — and they agreed on a second date. After Michael left, Sabrina was about to retire for the evening when there was a knock at her door. It was a breathless Carlos asking for help.

Back at the Metro Court, Olivia was too far into labor to transport her. Patrick broke the news that she’d have to have the baby right there on the spot. She shrieked and howled and shouted and screamed in pain, as Julian pretty much did the same. It was his baby being born and, by hook or by crook, he insisted to be there during the birth, to which Olivia all but said, “Like h-e-double hockey stick you will!” Alexis got him to put on his big boy pants for just a minute and, with that good talking to, he calmed down out of the room. Olivia gave birth to a boy. But was he a healthy boy?

Monday on GH, Sabrina has a decision to make, Tracy has questions for Michael, Olivia learns the condition of her new son… and Anna learns just how bad Duke’s wound really is! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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