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Sex Among The Dead?

Sex in a dark and dank crypt surrounded by dead bodies and *gasp* spiders is unthinkably creepy, right? If you’re leaning in that direction and didn’t see Friday’s episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, you might want to head over to and check it out. Sonny and Ava made the heinous really hot!

While Sonny and Ava were doing the horizontal tango in the Quartermaine tomb, Patrick, Sabrina and Emma were recovering from their car accident. The father and daughter were pretty shaken up and only had a few contusions to show for it. Sabrina wasn’t so lucky. The pain was serious and a sign that something was very wrong with the baby she was carrying. Patrick helped her from the car and to lie down on the side of the road. Moments later, Britt arrived. Although it was way too early for Sabrina to give birth, Britt insisted.

Anna and Nathan were alerted about the accident and rushed to the scene. Once there, Nathan told Anna that judging by the tire marks on the road, it looked like the other vehicle swerved into Patrick’s lane and then drove away. Anna tended to her granddaughter, who said nonchalantly, “After the accident, Britt appeared out of nowhere, like magic.” Both cops had that “hmm” look on their face. Something was rotten in Denmark, or so it seemed!

While Britt was telling Sabrina to push, Sonny was… well, you know. He and Ava collapsed exhausted onto the cold dirty cement floor, both regretting what they just did. “How could I do it to my son?!” he shouted. Yes, he just schtupped the woman his son loved. It was a mistake, not a proud moment for either him or Ava. As they got dressed, she voiced her concern that there were others that would be hurt if they found out, which they wouldn’t because it would never, ever, ever happen again. Sonny agreed.

Just then, from outside the crypt, they heard, “Ava! You out here?!” It was Morgan. Ava and Sonny looked panicked. When Morgan walked in and saw Sonny looking as guilty as can be and Ava wearing a fake smile, he figured out what was going on. Ava began to ramble until Morgan told her rather vociferously to shut up. She denied up and down that nothing happened, while Sonny remained silent. It wasn’t until Morgan called his father a pig (oh, yes he did!) that Sonny spoke up. “All right! We slept together! Is that what you want to hear?!” Sonny barked. He is not scoring points with his kids these days!

Next week, Morgan presses Sonny to tell Olivia what he did, Carlos makes a staggering confession and Britt has news about Patrick and Sabrina’s baby. Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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