The Claws Come Out On GH!

_Hell hath no fury like Britt scorned!

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_ Busted! There is something that is so very satisfying when someone with a nasty, duplicitous disposition gets bit in the behind by the bad karma they created. Britt is one such witchy woman. She riled GH fans by going after Patrick with all the subtlety of a New Jersey housewife, but when she reduced cutie patooty Emma to tears, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back! It finally caught up with her after Patrick overheard her badmouth his precious daughter and, yes, he tossed the wicked-eyebrowed doc to the curb like yesterday’s trash. Woo HOO! Don’t think that’s the end of her story, though, because she’s gonna go down fightin’!

As mild mannered as Ellie usually is, when it comes to her man, she’s a tiger! Freshly released from the hospital, she faced off with Maxie, confronting her about sleeping with Spinelli on New Year’s Eve. The snarling began, the accusations flew and Ellie made it clear that Maxie and Spinelli’s sexual encounter was a distant memory… that is, it would be until she gives birth to his baby in September… or until Britt decides to not just be a snake but also a rat fink and blow Maxie’s baby daddy secret!

It’s true, Maxie’s got good reason to panic, but not as much as Lucy does. She’s stuck wearing those baggy, pale unflattering scrubs and weaving decorative baskets in Ferncliff for the time being. Seeing Kevin raised her spirits, but his revelation that he was leaving her in the institution until she stopped having delusions about vampires left her in tears. Like a maximum security asylum and a straightjacket could confine her. Never! Not with Todd and Heather as fellow inmates with a hankering for freedom!

This week, the excitement on GH is off the charts! Heather’s got the answer to Todd and Lucy’s problems, Anna finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun and, oh yeah, a guy named Frisco returns to Port Charles! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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