The Jig Is Up, Ava!

Attention, Ava Jerome! You might want to slip off those sexy sling back sandals and lace up your running shoes because Sonny is coming after you and he is not happy!

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The arrest of Julian Jerome for drug trafficking and racketeering was all over the news. With him locked up behind bars, Ava was out of harm’s way and safe to return to Port Charles. At least, that’s the way her day began!

Franco and Carly returned from their visit to see Spinelli in Portland with a cleaned up recording from A.J.’s phone that yielded Ava’s confession that she killed Connie. Franco wanted to edit out the portion of the recording of Sonny screaming at A.J. and then shooting him before handing it over to the police. Carly, however, made it abundantly clear that was a really bad idea. She reasoned that Ava would no doubt want to swing a deal for her release, so there was nothing to stop her from turning Sonny in for A.J.’s murder.

“Going to the police, that’s not our only option. I could give it to Sonny,” Carly smirked as she told Shawn. Sure, she’d be handing Ava a death sentence but, eh, who cares? Carly sure didn’t. Before day’s end, Carly marched into Sonny’s office with the thumb drive containing the recording, placed it in his computer and told him to listen to it himself! Oh, next week is gonna be a doozy!

Meanwhile, Julian and Jordan were in adjacent jail cells and good roommates they most definitely were not. He was both fighting mad for being dragged back into the Mob chaos and worried sick about Lucas’ condition after being shot in the chest. Julian kicked and screamed and finally was given the right to make a phone call to check on his son. After Anna gave him an update on Lucas, Julian confronted Scotty. Julian got Scotty elected as D.A., and now he was in his pocket. Scotty refused to drop the charges, but Julian begged to differ. “You can…” he said, “and you will!”

Julian was looking for “an out” while Luke was looking for a way to suck him back in! Luke slipped into Lucas’ room, where his unconscious nephew was fresh from surgery and hooked up to a respirator. Luke hovered and paced the hospital room and then, finally, walked up to the bed. He grabbed the breathing tube, bent it in half, cutting off Lucas’ air and said grimly, “You’re going to have to be dead to make the message clear.”

Friday’s episode wasn’t just about people looking to kill other people. T.J. also rejected his mother in a bold, cold manner, and Kevin told Lucy he was divorcing her. Not a happy moment to be seen!

Monday’s Memorial Day preemption takes viewers back to the day A.J. was shot, Obrecht had it out with Anna about Faison’s disappearance and, yes, a bittersweet Robin montage you cannot miss! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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