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The Long-Awaited Scorpio Reunion!

Any episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL that begins with a shirtless Nikolas evoking a giggle out of the character-formerly-known-as-Britch and ends with Robert kicking in a door and getting a huge, cheesy grin on his face upon seeing a very much alive Robin is an okay day by our standards! Britt continued to travel the road to redemption, freaking out in concern for her mother, the masterfully maniacal Obrecht. Nikolas calmed her rattled nerves and said that he could relate to loving the unlovable. After all, he was no stranger to crazy people dangling from his family tree! Although their dramatic pauses were silent, you know darn well that what they each were thinking was, “Kiss me, you fool!”

In the dark and dank Wyndemere tunnel, Duke and Obrecht were tied to verticle beams, arguing like an old married couple about who was to blame for their predicament. How they got there was less of a concern for Duke than how he was going to get back to Anna. “If I have to listen to one more man fawning over that beanpole, I’m going to show you what scary really is!” Dr. O barked. Duke made it clear that they only way they’d both make it out alive was if they set aside their hatred for each other and worked together. As if.

Robin was particularly melancholy, seeing it was the day her husband was going to become a bigamist and all. It also put her in a rather foul mood, sassing Faison, even going as far as to call him “pathetic.” That did not make him happy. Telling her she had become more trouble than she was worth, Faison pulled his gun! Just then, Britt and Nikolas barged in with his gun drawn! Unwilling to let Robin out of his sight, Faison ordered Britt to go to GH to pick up Luke’s cure. While Robin waited with Faison, Nik headed into the tunnel to make good on his promise to Britt that he’d find her mother… and he did! But just as Nik was about to untie Obrecht, Faison barged in and knocked him out!

Back on the mainland, Liz was dealing with a nasty hangover from a night out with Patrick and Felix delivered a wedding gown to the bride. Sabrina was grateful for his hard work in finding something beautiful and unique, but anything short of the dress that her mother wore was a disappointment. Meanwhile, Anna, Robert and weakening Jerry surprised Luke with a visit. Handcuffing Jerry to the bed, the trio headed to Wyndemere to save Robin!

When they arrived at the mansion, Luke had a standoff with Faison, Anna walked in on Obrecht about to shoot Duke and Robert came face-to-face with Robin! Monday, Sabrina’s cousin Juan comes bearing gifts, the Scorpios reunite on Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding day, and Luke shoots Faison! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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