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Tracy Vs. A.J. For The Relish Dynasty!

Nikolas can’t stop thinking about kissing Liz, Milo can’t stop thinking about Lulu kissing HIM, Carly wants to think about anything BUT kissing A.J., and Tracy can’t stop thinking about… relish.

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While others in Port Charles are preoccupied with matters of the flesh, the cranky Quartermaine matriarch is hung up on condiments. Nikolas had the same reaction soap viewers had when they first heard the name of the Daytime “fusion culinary/chat show” A.J. booked himself on to promote Pickle-Lila. “The CHEW?” Nik said, making a face like he just stepped in gum. You heard Tracy right, Nik. You heard her right.

Carly’s mid-week “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” while she and A.J. ripped off each other’s clothes left them both with selective amnesia, in that they mutually agreed to forget that they had sex. A.J. went macho on her, giving her that “admit I rocked your world” speech while she tried desperately to wash away his cooties by dousing herself with hand sanitizer. As if it were that easy. Let’s take bets now on how long it’ll take Liz to find out… and who will let the truth slip out!

Sonny stormed Morgan’s dorm with his pistol-packin’ new enforcer, Shawn, scaring the bejeebies out of his roomie, Travis. Shaking and sweating and stuttering, the poor kid aimed his gun at them, thinking they were the guys out to collect the 50K Morgan owed them. In a different universe, the kid playing Travis would have been cast as Morgan because he looked like he could be Michael’s brother. But nope. Is that a sign that the brothers won’t be alike in other way, also?

This week, Lucy gives Scott a pep talk about his love life, Carly finds an unlikely ally in Sam, and the Great American CHEW Relish Challenge between Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie begins! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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