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Who Is Franco’s Mystery Visitor?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason may be “gone” but he certainly hasn’t been forgotten. On his birthday, Monica broke down, Alexis shared insight into her murdered son-in-law the Mob hitman with Derek, and Sam spent the afternoon telling Silas that a friend convinced her that she was living in limbo by thinking Jason might still be alive. You think Michael Easton (Silas) adlibbed a little something for the blooper reel? Like, “that friend being ‘he who shall not be named because of court order,’ John McBain, who looks a whole lot like me… oh, wait…”

As Jason’s best bud, Carly didn’t forget him either. She was down in the dumps all day thinking about him. Franco tried to change that. She needed to celebrate Jason’s birthday and Franco needed someone to celebrate his, what a perfect match, eh? Cholocate cake, candles and a wish. That’s all Franco needed. Although when Carly stepped out of his hotel room, his wish stepped out with her. Bummer for him. Maybe that knock on his door that evoked an “oh my God” greeting from him was Carly in a French maid costume. Uh… no. But who was it? As if we’d tell!

While Duke and Anna were coming face-to-face with Derek for the first time (will they recognize him as Julian Jerome?), Ava was making herself at home in Sonny’s abode, like most people seem to do lately. Mr. Congeniality he was not. His greeting: “Listen, lady. I don’t know you from Adam.” She extended her hand and introduced herself as “family” and added that she had Connie’s blood on her hands. THAT got his attention. If looks could kill she’d be a goner! She explained that she saw how drunk A.J. was the night of Connie’s death and she did nothing to stop him. Seeing the fire in Sonny’s eyes, she suggested he put a bullet in A.J. And there you have it — the seed was planted!

This week on GH, Connie’s burial, a stranger in town asking about Sabrina, a party that does not go without incident, and the Jeromes strike! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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