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Why You Don’t Want To Miss GH!

An opaque “cloud of crazy” hung over Port Charles, raining on everybody’s parade!

In one corner of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s mythical town, we had Heather, who, apparently, was able to avoid a frontal lobotomy while in Ferncliff Asylum in favor of attending forgery classes. At least she put her new skill to good use by perfectly duplicating Maggie’s handwriting for a fake suicide note to cover up that she poisoned her. Someone better warn Olivia to avoid eye contact with that nut case. It’s sort of like that scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark where Harrison Ford told Karen Allen, “Don’t look at it!” or a supernatural beam of light would turn her to dust!

Then there’s Kate, whose elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, if you get the drift. After spending some time handcuffed to a hospital bed — probably an activity her other personality, Connie, would have enjoyed under different circumstances — she was carted off to the PCPD and charged with assaulting Ewen. By this week’s end, all sorts of “unpleasantness” will hit the fan, including Sonny getting a ring side seat as Kate turns to Connie and back again before his very eyes! Which makes us wonder, technically speaking, would sleeping with her constitute a threesome?

Carly had a rollercoaster week and got a lot off her chest, like calling Johnny a rapist for having sex with a woman who was completely checked out. And what he called her back was far more shocking — “the woman that I love.” Yowza! Although she has difficulty making friends with those who have girlie parts, men, on the other hand, no problem. Todd showed up offering flowers, and there was a lot of flirtatious banter and smiling eyes. But this coming week isn’t ALL about coquettish giggles and come ons. She and Tea whip out their claws and lock horns like two cobras fighting over a dead rat!

All in all, we have an exciting GH week ahead of us, including some brotherly bonding, a grandfather/grandson fight to end all fights, and Sonny getting propositioned… by Todd! Tune in!

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