Will Robin Resurrect The Cassadines?

There’s “dead” and then there’s “soaps opera dead.” And if we’re talking about the Cassadines, not poison, not bullets, not knives to the chest, or falls off cliffs or into bottomless pits can do them in. Although they’ve systematically been killed off one by one, there’s one living, breathing relative who fell off the family tree that wants to bring them back to life… Victor! No one had heard hide nor hair of him for 33 years, then the next thing you know, he and his henchman were knocking on Robin’s door. Flashing photos of Helena (his sister-in-law) and Stavros (his nephew), he told Robin, “They’re no more dead than you are, and you are going to bring them back!” Um, say what?

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While Robin was being sucked into the Cassadine vortex, Patrick was at GH giving Obrecht a piece of his mind. She mentioned in front of Emma that Sabrina was pregnant, adding, “Vich must make ju da fadder,” she said, looking at him. Emma, of course, asked if it was true. Patrick chewed out Dr. O but good, while also wondering how she got out of jail. “I bought my freedom with the most valuable commodity of all… information,” she smiled triumphantly.

Someone had to explain to Emma what was going on and Sabrina took the liberty to do so. She ushered Emma away and told her that her friend Carlos was the baby’s father. Emma was disappointed, yes, but she carried on and, in fact, changed the subject all together to the Chupacabra. She disappeared under the table to retrieve “proof” that they exist, just as Liz was rushing in. “We need to talk,” she told Sabrina. “I don’t feel comfortable keeping this from Patrick. Will you please reconsider telling him it’s his baby?” Emma popped up looking shocked at the news.

Spencer and Cameron also had the Chupacabra on the brain. When they walked into the stable to kill the beast, they found Heather and what she claimed to be the Chupacabra wiggling under a blanket. In reality, it was a bound and gagged Carly. The boys wanted to see it, but she told them that sight of it would give them nightmares. “Guess we don’t have to see it to kill it,” Spencer said. Those few words were music to Heather’s ears. The boys could do her dirty work for her and, unbeknownst to them, kill Carly! She thought that was a fabulous idea! She pulled out the gigantic knife like the one Franco used to stab her and handed it to Spencer. He took a couple of steps towards it/Carly, then turned around and ran out. Cameron followed closely behind.

Meanwhile, hoping to prove that Heather had escaped and was framing Franco for Carly’s disappearance, Kiki talked her way into Heather’s Miscavige room. But when the orderly opened the door, she saw the back of a blond woman in a straightjacket. The orderly said Heather had been catatonic since the art show. She reported back to a confused Franco that Heather was indeed locked up, just as she should be. But little did she know that the person she saw at Miscavige was not Heather, but a drugged Luke in a wig!

Next week, Victor tells Robin why she will without a doubt help him, Sabrina makes a huge decision, and Franco makes an escape attempt! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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