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What Happened to Aly Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Alexandra “Aly” Forrester was killed off of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL back in 2015, so some newer fans might not remember the young woman or her tragic fate and some longtime viewers might just like a refresher! Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Aly Forrester was born in 2004 to Thorne Forrester and Darla Einstein, named in the memory of the late Macy Alexander. After a series of child actors, B&B aged Aly into a teen in 2013, and the role was played by Ashlyn Pearce until her unfortunate end.

B&B Darla, Thorne, Aly - JPI
Aly lost her mother when she was just a little girl.Aaron Montgomery/

As a child, Aly didn’t have an easy life, with her mother, Darla, being killed by a drunk driver while changing her flat tire on the side of the PCH. Thorne asked therapist Taylor Hayes to help the young girl deal with the tragic loss, but was shocked to learn Taylor had been the driver who’d hit Darla! After accepting it was just an accident, Thorne proposed to Taylor, but when Aly overheard the horrible truth, she couldn’t accept it. The child tried running away and destroyed Taylor’s wedding dress on the big day. After calling off the engagement, Thorne raised Aly as a single parent.

In 2013, Aly returned to Los Angeles having dropped out of college and given up the idea of a career in law to enter the fashion business like the rest of her family. Eric Forrester gave her a job working as Hope Logan’s protege, and Aly developed a crush on Liam Spencer. After catching Hope cheating with Wyatt Fuller, Aly shared the info with Liam, but he still never thought of her romantically.

B&B Aly and Wyatt - JPI
Aly really had it in for Wyatt!sean smith/

Later, Aly turned her attention to Wyatt, but insisting that he was bad for Hope and her line at Forrester. As she grew increasingly angry, Thorne and Eric worried about the young woman, given her history of anger management issues and being bullied in school. The situation escalated and Aly lashed out at Wyatt, calling him a bully and wanting to fire him from the company.

Next, Aly became smitten with Forrester photographer, Oliver Jones, but he was only romancing her to ensure that he could keep his job at her family’s company. Unfortunately, things took a turn when she found out that her father was back together with Taylor. But with Oliver’s help, Aly was convinced to have a heart to heart with Taylor and finally forgave her.

B&B Aly and Oliver - JPI
Despite the silly costumes, this was actually a sweet moment for Aly and Oliver.sean smith/

Maya Avant had a recording of Oliver admitting he was just dating Aly to keep his job, and eventually played it for Rick and Caroline. Confronted, Oliver insisted that he genuinely cared for Aly now, and made a romantic gesture to prove his love to her when everyone went to dinner at a Medieval-themed restaurant.

Aly befriended Ivy Forrester, and supported her relationship with Liam, getting angry when Steffy returned and made a play for the guy. Aly considered Steffy Forrester a tramp just like her mother and declared she’d never really forgiven Taylor for killing her mom. Despite her family attempting to step in and help her deal with her issues, Aly continued to spiral out of control, seeing visions of her late mother and defacing photos of Steffy and Maya.

B&B Steffy and Aly - JPI
Aly’s plan could only end in tragedy…sean smith/

After popping one of Steffy’s tires, Aly followed behind her until she had to pull over to the side of the road and drove her car right up to Steffy, nearly hitting her! Steffy yanked her out of the car and the two argued until Aly tried to hit her with a tire iron. Steffy grabbed the weapon and hit her with it, causing Aly to fall and hit her head on a rock, an injury which sadly led to her death. It remains a loss that still affects her father, Thorne, to this day.

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