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Has Bill Really Changed on B&B? — Don Diamont Speaks Out (EXCLUSIVE)


Getting pushed over a balcony last year ended up pushing THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Dollar Bill to be a better man. Pleasantries, pacifism and a more affectionate parenting style have shined new light on the once-cutthroat businessman, a light his ex-wife, Katie, can’t help but notice. But how long can this kinder, gentler Bill actually last? “Well, I hope not too long,” his portrayer, Don Diamont, told Soaps In Depth, admitting he prefers it when Bill isn’t so careful about minding his Ps and Qs. That said, the actor would love to see Bill’s best behavior backfire in a way that leaves people thinking twice about the new and supposedly improved version. “It would be interesting if something happened where everybody needs Bill to be Bill, if people were like, ‘There’s only one person who can handle this! We need the old Bill!’ That would be funny.”

Bill’s pal, Justin, has openly balked at his buddy’s new m.o., knowing that it’s just not like him to have such a live-and-let-live attitude. “Justin used to always be on Bill’s case, [reprimanding him] for things he did that were wrong, but when Bill started acting nicer, Justin didn’t like that!” noted Diamont. Katie, on the other hand, appreciates what she’s seeing from her former spouse. With Bill recently deciding he wants her back — and Katie’s husband, Thorne, bowing out of their marriage — a reunion seemed inevitable. “He’s in a very introspective place, looking at his life and how much damage was done,” said Diamont. “He’s starting to see that [their relationship] could have been the greatest thing in his life, had he not behaved a certain way. His perspective has changed.”

The Bold and The Beautiful Katie Bill

There’s a thin line between love and hate for Katie and Bill. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Even when Katie and Bill are at each other’s throats, Diamont and Heather Tom (Katie) manage to make their scenes together electric. “I feel that as well,” he said. “There’s just something about Bill and Katie together, even when they’re fighting.” Of course, the actor gives ample credit to his co-star for keeping that spark alive. “Heather and I are very close friends, and we’ve been around each other since she was a teenager,” he explained. “We go way back, and I think it shows. We really like each other, and she is so specially gifted.”

Though Bill’s re-emerging feelings for Katie might be viewed as reboundish (given that he was obsessed with both Brooke and Steffy last year), the fact that it comes in conjunction with his trying to be his best self helps give credence to his romantic conversion. “It’s not just some ‘default,’” Diamont insisted. “Katie and Bill have a very special bond. There’s a ‘knowing’ there, about each other, that’s very unique.”

Not only does Katie recognize both the good and the bad within Bill, but she plays a strong role in keeping him on the right path. “Katie maybe knows him better than anybody,” mused the actor. “This isn’t a new side we’re seeing in Bill. It’s a side she knew he had in him. He can be the most loving, caring person and yet… not be. I think that will continue to be a battle for him. At the end of the day, Bill has to be Bill.”

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