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Douglas on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need To Know


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Hope wasn’t the only one instantly charmed by Douglas Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — fans fell for the adorable little tyke, too! After twins Abigail and Brielle Rivera portrayed Douglas as a baby the character was aged in the spring of 2019 and Henry Joseph Samiri, in his acting debut, took over. Then, in August 2022, the role was recast again with Django Ferri, however, that was soon reversed and Samiri returned to the role in October. He was named after his great-grandmother, B&B legacy character Stephanie Douglas.

Douglas is the child of Thomas Forrester and Caroline Spencer, but there was much drama surrounding his birth in 2016. Caroline was in a relationship with Ridge Forrester at the time she got pregnant, but both because of the timing and because he’d had a vasectomy, she quickly realized Thomas was the babydaddy. She confessed to Ridge, who was devastated but agreed to raise the child as his own and keep Thomas in the dark. However, after Douglas was born, Katie Logan learned the truth and convinced them to tell Thomas. He initially reacted badly, attempting to kidnap the boy, but eventually, Caroline talked sense into him and promised he’d be a part of the boy’s life. 

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Thomas Douglas
Douglas just wanted a mommy to love him.Howard Wise/

After divorcing Ridge, Caroline reconnected with Thomas and they moved to New York with their son. However, Thomas returned in early 2019 with Douglas and the news that Caroline had tragically passed away from a sudden blood clot. Mourning the loss of his mom, Douglas quickly found comfort with Hope Logan, who became a new mother figure in his life. Hoping to rekindle his relationship with Hope, Thomas used his son as a monkey wrench to toss into Hope and Liam Spencer’s marriage so he could have the blonde for himself. Heck, the dad even terrified his own son with a fake ghost just to make Hope even more protective of the boy!

Once he’d manipulated Hope into annulling her marriage to Liam, Thomas used Douglas to pop the question to her himself. Presented with a diamond ring from the adorable tyke as he asked her to marry his daddy and be his new mommy, it was impossible for her to say no! However, it was a short-lived union as Douglas overheard his daddy on the phone talking about how Baby Beth was still alive, and despite Thomas’ threats to stay quiet, the kid blabbed to everyone who would listen, including Hope!

B&B Douglas Liam Hope
When Douglas knows what he wants, he goes out and gets it!Howard Wise/

With the truth about Beth revealed, and the baby girl reunited with parents Hope and Liam, everyone was grateful to Douglas for helping save the day. Unfortunately, the kid found himself once again being used by his father as Thomas prepared to marry Zoe Buckingham so that Douglas would protest the union and insist that he only wanted Hope to be his mommy! But at the ceremony, Hope revealed she knew about the plan and everyone turned their back on Thomas, including his own son! Later, Douglas made bride and groom shirts for Liam and Hope and officiated at an informal wedding ceremony of their own so he could finally have a proper family.

Things then got a little awkward when Hope took him to his father’s apartment while Thomas was obsessed with a mannequin of Hope that started talking to him! Thankfully, Thomas had brain surgery to remove the tumor that was hurting him and Douglas was happy to be able to spend time with his dad again.

On New Year’s Eve, Douglas rang in 2022 by catching Brooke Logan kissing someone in a Santa hat. When he insisted to Hope and Liam that he didn’t imagine it, Hope questioned her mother and learned that she’d been kissing Deacon Sharpe! But later that year, Douglas found himself in the middle of a family battle when his father told Hope that he wanted his son back. He moved into the Forrester Mansion with Thomas and enjoyed himself so much that he didn’t want to go back home with Hope and Liam.

B&B Douglas Thomas
Douglas’ phone app threatened to destroy Thomas’ latest scheme!Howard Wise/

When Douglas discovered that some voices were missing from the voice-changing app on his phone, Thomas insisted he delete the app entirely. But the clever kid figured out how to get the files back and found proof his father had used the app to call CPS using Brooke’s voice! Confronted by his son, Thomas argued he should keep quiet because Ridge was better off with Taylor. But Douglas confided the truth to Steffy, who stopped Ridge and Taylor’s wedding. With Thomas’ latest scheme revealed, Douglas returned home to Hope, Liam, and Beth.

Deciding to fight for custody of his son, Thomas took Hope to court and Douglas was given the opportunity to choose who he would rather live with. But everyone was stunned when the boy chose Steffy! Thomas thought this could work out because his sister wouldn’t keep him away from his son, but Steffy vowed to protect Douglas from everyone. Eventually, Douglas agreed to return home, happy that Hope and Thomas were working together again at Forrester Creations. Wanting them to be a couple again, the boy even tried setting them up on a romantic date.

Stay tuned to see how Douglas’ story continues!

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