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What Happened to Brittany on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Viewers don’t see as much of Brittany Hodges on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as they once did, so it’s understandable if they need a bit of a refresher on her history in Genoa City. Originally played for a few months on a recurring basis by Vanessa Lee Evigan starting in December of 1999, she was replaced with Lauren Woodland in March 2000 and the character moved to the forefront, getting involved in numerous scandalous storylines. But over the years, Brittany softened, and now she’s a high-powered attorney! Woodland reprised her role for Y&R’s 45th anniversary in March of 2018, then returned again in June to continue appearing on a recurring basis… whenever someone needs a good lawyer!

Brittany started out a spoiled rich girl attending Walnut Grove Academy with Genoa City’s other prominent teens. She was dating J.T. Hellstrom but dumped him when she had a chance with Billy Abbott. After Billy almost died of alcohol poisoning at a party, his mother, Jill, was horrified that Brittany did nothing to help. Seeing that Billy was smitten with Mackenzie Browning, Brittany schemed to keep them apart so she could have Billy for herself.

The Young and The Restless Raul Brittany
For Raul and Brittany, it was much ado about something!Aaron Montgomery/

Eventually, Brittany befriended Raul Guttierez, who was her complete opposite. They grew closer acting with each other in the school play and fell in love. Scared by her feelings, Brittany dumped him and tried to go back to J.T., but it was no use. After graduation, Brittany and Raul were in a terrible car accident that left him paralyzed for months. He tried to push her away, but Brittany stayed by his side during his recovery.

As she settled down in an apartment with Raul, Brittany began feeling restless and began working as a singer under the name of “Marilyn” at a local club owned by Bobby Marsino. While she initially refused to strip, Brittany finally gave in to the pressure and made a lot of money taking it off on stage. Learning of her new job, a disgusted Raul dumped Brittany, who then found herself drawn to Bobby. When he refused to shut down his club, the mob threatened him by electrocuting Brittany on stage. While Raul and Bobby were both there for her as she recovered, Brittany ultimately chose to be with Bobby.

The Young and The Restless Brittany Bobby
Bobby’s criminal ties destroyed his happily ever after with Brittany.Aaron Montgomery/

After Bobby managed to get the mobsters threatening him put in jail, he and Brittany were married, much to her parents’ disapproval. They ended up moving into the Newman Ranch while their condo was being renovated and Brittany was jealous of the attention Bobby was paying Nikki. When Brittany learned she was pregnant, she lied that J.T. was the father to throw off the mob who was after Bobby again. Shortly after Brittany gave birth to their son, Joshua, Bobby was forced to go into witness protection. While separated from each other, Brittany was devastated to learn that Bobby had been killed in a hit-and-run. She took her son and moved back to her parents’ in New York City.

Brittany returned to Genoa City in March of 2018 to attend the Walnut Grove Academy reunion and revealed that her son, Joshua, was now attending Harvard, and she and Raul were married. Also, she had become an attorney who was now a partner in a law firm.

The Young and The Restless JT Brittany Raul Mac
The gang had a lot to catch up on at the reunion!Howard Wise/

Brittany popped up again when Nick hired her to represent him in the custody battle over Christian. Victor won temporarily, but Brittany ultimately helped Nick retain custody of the boy. Then she was hired by Sharon Newman to keep her out of jail after the truth about J.T.’s death was revealed. In late 2019, Brittany got mixed up in the battle over Katherine’s will, and in late 2020, she represented Theo Vanderway as he fought for part of Dina’s fortune.

Honestly, with the amount of trouble the residents of Genoa City get into on a regular basis, Brittany should be kept pretty busy!

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