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What Happened to Colin Atkinson on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS



Colin Atkinson comes and goes from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, so it’s understandable if viewers don’t remember everything about Cane’s father. The character was first introduced in December of 2010, and was played by Tristan Rogers on and off over the years, last being seen in 2019. Colin started off devious before softening somewhat, but the guy has always been trouble!

Colin Atkinson arrived in Genoa City fresh out of an Australian prison and got cozy with Jill Abbott who told him all about Cane Ashby not realizing he was his father. Colin eventually confronted his son and ordered Cane to return to Australia to take his rightful position in their organized crime family or he’d tell Lily Winters and Jill all about his past. Colin also used memories of Cane’s dead sister, Samantha, to torment him further. But Colin was heartbroken when Cane was shot and killed by his henchman, Blake, and plotted to kidnap his grandchildren. He summoned Cane’s twin brother, Caleb, to town, but it was soon revealed that Caleb was the one who had been murdered, and Cane was pretending to be his twin while working with his mother, Genevieve!

After everything was exposed, Colin had to work to win back Jill’s affection but was ultimately successful. They teamed up against his ex-wife, and Jill rescued Colin when he and Gloria Bardwell were imprisoned by Genevieve. Furious to learn that she had drained his bank accounts, Colin plotted Genevieve’s death and a heartbroken Jill set him up to be arrested and deported back to Australia.

The Young and The Restless Cane Colin
Cane and Colin’s relationship was not the best, to put it mildly!sean smith/

In 2014, Colin returned to Genoa City with Jill, but it was revealed that their marriage was more of an arrangement that he’d kind of forced her into. He tried to help her solve the mystery of Katherine Chancellor‘s music box, and when it led to a valuable necklace, Colin tried to steal it to pay off some mobsters he was in debt with. When he came clean about his theft to Jill, she agreed to make a forgery to give to the criminals instead.

But Colin was still shady, and when he found out that Devon Hamilton and Hilary were having an affair, he blackmailed Devon for millions of dollars to keep his mouth shut. He also took Neil’s money to set Devon up with a stripper the night before his wedding to Hilary. He also nearly told Jack that Billy was having an affair with his wife, Phyllis, but Jill convinced him to keep quiet.

After some time away, Colin followed Jill back to Genoa City in 2017 and she accused him of stealing her fortune. In her rage, Jill suffered a heart attack and Colin felt terrible. Although prohibited from seeing Jill, he was determined to get her money back and upon discovering a key in Katherine’s music box, Colin opened the safety deposit box to find an emerald ring that more than made up for what he’d taken. Eventually, Jill forgave Colin, and they left on an around-the-world trip to check some things off of Jill’s bucket list.

The Young and The Restless Colin Jill
Complicated was just one way to describe Colin and Jill’s marriage! ChrisD/

When Jill returned in 2019, she was single again, but towards the end of the year, it seemed that Katherine’s will had actually left her fortune to Cane and not Devon and when everyone looked into it, it turned out that Colin was behind it! Confronted, Colin claimed that his son was behind stealing Katherine’s fortune, though Cane denied any involvement. Colin disappeared and took the money with him, so Cane left Genoa City to go after him and make things right. In April of 2020, news came back to town that the long arm of the law had finally caught up with Colin and he had cleared Jill’s name in the crime.

Stay tuned to see if this bad penny turns up again, and for more Y&R features, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

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