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What Happened to Connor Newman on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Connor Newman on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS may just be a little kid, but he’s been at the center of the drama ever since before he was born! After a series of twins, Judah Mackey is the first young actor to play the character solo.

Connor is the son of Chelsea Lawson and Adam Newman, although when she first realized she was pregnant, the couple was on the skids. Fearing Adam would take custody of their child, Chelsea lied and claimed that Dylan McAvoy was the babydaddy. Shortly after the child’s birth, however, the doctor noticed Connor could have inherited retinitis pigmentosa, which can cause blindness. Dylan feared he was the one who passed it on, but Chelsea realized it was from Adam, whose mother went blind from the disease.

Learning of the child’s condition, Adam put two and two together and forced Chelsea to admit the truth that he, not Dylan, was the boy’s father. Crushed, Dylan asked for a divorce, and Adam declared his intentions to change Connor’s name and take full custody of his son. Dylan’s PTSD flared up and he abducted Connor, but Avery convinced him to give the child back. Adam reluctantly agreed not to pursue sole custody as long as Chelsea and Connor moved in with him.

Y&R Adam Connor Chelsea Dylan
Chelsea should’ve known better than to lie to Adam!sean smith/

The child’s vision problems turned out to actually be caused by damage to his corneas, and Connor required a cornea transplant to save his sight. Tragically, Delia Abbott was killed in an accident, and Billy and Chloe agreed to donate their daughter’s corneas to Connor. Chloe then became inappropriately obsessed with the boy and even abducted him briefly. And when Adam was presumed dead, Connor was raised by Nick Newman, who developed a relationship with Chelsea. When Chelsea’s scheming caught up with her in 2018, she planned to skip town with both Connor and Christian but opted to leave Christian behind with Nick as he wasn’t her biological child.

Since returning to Genoa City in 2019, Chelsea revealed that Connor was living with her mother, Anita Lawson, and she was reluctant to bring him to town with her because she feared the newly-alive-again Adam would once again pursue sole custody of the boy. And when she eventually brought Connor to join her in town, she was proven right as Adam immediately wanted the boy to live with him. Chelsea pushed back but continued to allow Adam to see his son. But Connor lashed out after being told his grandfather, Victor, was dead (he wasn’t) and told his mother he wished they’d never moved back! 

The Young and The Restless Adam Connor
Connor’s apple didn’t fall far from Adam’s tree, it seems.Howard Wise/

When Adam skipped town, Connor began acting out. He locked Christian in the garage, then broke his own arm jumping off of a jungle gym! Adam came home to reassure his son and Connor asked to live with him. Chelsea reluctantly agreed to the new living arrangement, hoping it would just be temporary, but it became clear that Connor is a chip off the old block and is trying to manipulate his mother and father to be back together again. His claims of a monster being after him led his parents to bring Sharon Newman in to counsel the tyke, but he felt like she was interfering in his plans and wanted her gone!

After being held hostage at gunpoint in the Grand Phoenix, Connor began having nightmares and used this as well to bring Adam and Chelsea back together. However, his parents weren’t happy together long as Adam spiraled out of control and Chelsea considered sending Connor to boarding school to protect him from his father! The boy was kept out of the worst of it when Chelsea suffered an aneurysm and took her revenge on Adam by framing him for Rey Rosales‘ attempted murder.

Once Chelsea had been released from the mental hospital where she’d received treatment, Connor went with his mom and Rey to stay with his grandmother, Anita, as she recovered from a broken hip. The boy came back to Genoa City with Rey while his mom stayed on for a while longer, and he was overjoyed when Chelsea came home again. Unfortunately, while Adam and Chelsea are determined to move on from each other, Connor kept trying to bring them back together.

Y&R Connor Chelsea
Connor felt like he was the reason his mother tried to take her own life.Howard Wise/

Connor was excited when Rey offered to take him to a hockey game while Chelsea was out of town, but heartbroken when the cop died suddenly. He was also upset when Chelsea revealed that she was Johnny‘s birth mother, although the two boys bonded over the awkwardness of finding out they are brothers. Connor later apologized to his mother for overreacting and feared he was responsible for her subsequent suicide attempt. Chelsea assured Connor that he wasn’t and he was happy to hear she was getting help and feeling better.

Stay tuned to Y&R to see how Connor’s dramatic young life continues!

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