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Nick and Phyllis on Y&R — Their Entire Romantic History!


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The chemistry between Nick and Phyllis on The Young & The Restless is still there, but some newer viewers might not be aware of the wild history these two have shared. And maybe some longtime fans of Y&R might want a quick refresher themselves. Either way, that’s where we come in! 

Nick Newman‘s marriage to Sharon Newman was already on shaky ground when they lost their daughter, Cassie Newman. But their child’s death sent Nick into the arms of Phyllis Summers and the two began a torrid affair. Sharon divorced Nick and Phyllis discovered she was pregnant, though she wondered if Jack Abbott or Nick was the babydaddy. Nick was thrilled when a DNA test proved he was the father, and he and Phyllis eloped to Texas to tie the knot before the baby was born. Phyllis gave birth to her daughter during an ice storm while trapped in an elevator with Jack. Nick was off rescuing her son, Daniel from a car crash and first met his daughter, Summer Newman, when he arrived at the hospital.

Although Nick and Phyllis tried to make a happy home with Summer, Phyllis remained jealous of her husband’s ongoing connection to Sharon. Although Nick tried to keep his ex-wife at arm’s length, their frequent trips down Memory Lane ultimately led to them falling into bed together. Although Phyllis kicked Nick to the curb, the pair ultimately reconciled and renewed their vows. Sharon failed to disrupt the ceremony, but in the end, disrupted their happy marriage. During a business trip to Paris, Sharon expressed her feelings to Nick and the pair shared a tender kiss that Phyllis witnessed. She also had an affair with Ronan Malloy, so that was pretty much the end of Phyllis and Nick’s marriage.

The Young and The Restless Nick Phyllis
Nick and Phyllis’ chemistry can get dangerously combustible!sean smith/

Later, when Summer’s paternity came into question, Nick took another DNA test but Sharon tampered with it to make it say Jack was her father. This led to a confrontation between Sharon and Phyllis that ended with the redhead falling down the stairs and into a coma! Phyllis made a grand return later to interrupt Sharon and Nick’s wedding with the truth about the blonde’s schemes. Phyllis and Nick remained friends as they pursued relationships with other people, although when Phyllis was on the outs with Billy while Nick was upset with Sharon, the pair took comfort in each others’ arms and had sex. The pair swore to each other they wouldn’t mention their brief indiscretion, but Sharon found out and dumped him on their wedding day.

Nick and Phyllis decided to give their relationship another shot but her immunity deal in exchange for confessing how she, Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria were involved in J.T. Hellstrom‘s death left a sour taste in his mouth and he called it quits. However, recently, Phyllis and Nick have been hanging out a bit more often and it’s clear that there are still some sparks between them. Then, in March of 2020, while stuck together during an ice storm, Nick and Phyllis once again gave in to passion, but afterward, decided not to let history repeat itself. However, they struggled to keep that promise and after some back and forth, decided to get back together. Despite many objections to their reunion, Nick supported Phyllis, even as she ran into financial trouble with her hotel, The Grand Phoenix. When Phyllis expressed her concerns about Summer’s relationship with Kyle, her daughter accused her of projecting her own insecurities about her own relationship with Nick. By the end of 2020, Phyllis reluctantly accepted Nick’s financial help to buy her portion of the hotel back from Victoria.

Y&R Nick Phyllis
Keeping Phyllis out of trouble is pretty much a full-time job!Howard Wise/

As 2021 began, Nick and Phyllis agreed that while they were happy together, getting re-married was not what either of them wanted. However, by the summertime, Nick was having some doubts about their relationship and he was concerned about the time she was spending with Jack. Things grew tense between them and he refused her help with his family problems. As the couple continued to butt heads, Nick turned to Sharon and Phyllis turned to Jack. And by November, Nick and Phyllis realized that their relationship was kaput. They still decided to exchange the Christmas gifts they’d bought for each other before the split and promised to remain friends.

In the following years, Nick had a tumultuous relationship with Sally Spectra, and Phyllis stirred up trouble with Jeremy Stark. But by 2024, Phyllis had failed in her attempt to win back Danny Romalotti and since Nick was single again, she put the moves on her ex only to be rebuffed. Nick and Phyllis continued to be connected through Summer, and helping their daughter through her latest drama brought them back into each others’ orbits again. Could it be time for another go?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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