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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Recaps — Lily Went to Prison!

A lot can happen in a day in Genoa City, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

On the eve of Lily’s sentencing, Cane promised to take her to Paris when their nightmare was over. Meanwhile, Charlie and Shauna reconciled with Mattie’s help. In court, Cane and Shauna begged the judge for leniency, but Devon asked that the court throw the book at his sister! When Mattie rushed out of the courtroom in tears, Devon backpedaled and asked for mercy. Despite this, Devon insisted that he hadn’t forgiven Lily! Sadly, the judge sentenced Lily to twelve months in prison! Later, Charlie told Devon that he’d been cutting class and would not go to school until his uncle visited his mom. Devon’s subsequent visit gave Lily hope that she’d survive her incarceration. Hoping to get her mother released, Mattie launched a “Free Lily Ashby!” campaign.

Nick Was Arrested!

Arturo accepted Nick’s job offer despite misgivings that his brother, Rey, was putting down roots in Genoa City. The only thing more shocking than Victor showing up at the launch party for Dark Horse? Nick revealing that he’d actually invited his father! Still, the biggest bombshell came when Rey revealed that he was a detective at the GCPD and arrested Nick for conspiring with J.T.! Later, Nick hired Brittany to negotiate an immunity deal. He then revealed how he’d impersonated J.T., but swore he had no clue where his former brother-in-law might be! Satisfied, Rey released Nick… which infuriated his boss, Paul! Rey calmed him by insisting that he remained committed to tracking down Victoria’s missing ex. Understandably, Victoria and Sharon worried that Rey’s investigation would point in their direction!

The Young and The Restless Nick Rey

Nick’s launch didn’t quite take off as expected. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

In Other News…

Sharon reluctantly agreed to hire Tessa at Crimson Lights so she could pay of f her $20,000 debt to the people who had snuck Crystal into Canada. Tessa tapped Devon for help, but he refused, saying he didn’t believe her story! Later, Tessa was attacked by the people she owed money to! Summer returned to town and confronted Phyllis about having moved out of the penthouse. Her verbal attack upset Dina, prompting Kyle to hustle Summer out of the house. Later, Dina wandered off. Realizing his mother needed him, Jack moved back into the mansion, making it awkward with Billy and Phyllis also living there. When Billy yet again nixed Summer’s attempted seduction, she told Kyle that he’d won their bet! Interestingly, when it came time to collect, Kyle balked, admitting that he cared about her too much for casual sex. Alas, Summer told her former flame that that was all she wanted, prompting Kyle to suggest that they pretend they’d never had the con- versation! On the business front, Kyle persuaded Sinead to tempt Billy back into gambling. Billy initially lied to Phyllis about the Vegas tournament, but eventually confessed… and she accompanied him to Sin City! There, Phyllis worried about Billy’s addiction, especially when he won big. Upon returning to Genoa City, Billy continued to gamble, prompting Victoria to accuse Phyllis of enabling him!

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